Just a blog post for August

I should not be blogging today. I am just so occupied with work. I’m teaching a new subject that fuses Algebra, Statistics and all those subjects in quantitative sciences. I have five freelance clients, each of which have different personalities and needs. I have a lot of backlogs from my day job. Surveys and studies to be conducted, follow up work from my documentation project that still warrants some uncertainty. I keep on saying that at some point, I’m not really busy. I’m just poor in time management. In the middle of every day, I always find myself wandering in the cyberspace for nothing.

Before this day ends, I have to prepare my lecture, midterm examination, finish my freelance work and probably, there will be more waiting to be discovered. So most likely, I will deprive myself of sleep, eat the junk foods I can ransack from the ref and wake up the next day feeling so bloated, lousy and lazy. This has been my life over the past months. I’m really exhausted. It’s most of the time me and my tons of workload. Perhaps what keeps me from living my exhausting and monotonous life is my family and my credit card bills. Brrrrrr My target is three years from now, I should be done. No more interest charges. No more past dues. No more burden. This reminds me, I haven’t updated my New Journey Series. Anyway, there’s no improvement to document. I’m so dead!

While I sound like I’m messing up and writing a non-sense and disorganised post, I intend to blog something. A warning though, the succeeding posts contain a lot of negativities waiting to be vented out. Expect your week long does of verbal diarrhea.

1. My trusty five year old Windows laptop is showing signs of farewell – While I always have the Mac at the workplace, I avoid to use the workplace’s resources for my personal endeavours. Mac is highly reliable. Thanks to the Big Boss for making all means to make our department as a Mac office. I now understood why some people are addicted to Mac products. Come Saturday morning, I opened my Windows laptop and all I can see is a blank screen. Good thing, I decided to bring home my Mac from the workplace. Otherwise, I might be forced to swipe that credit card for a new laptop. I already have plans for my freelance work earnings. One of which is to use the chunk of money for credit card payments. This time however, it looks like I have to swallow more interest charges.

2. My degree in Economics taught me that one of the critical roles of the government is to empower the economy. This translates from the national to the local level. In as much as the government aims to help the underprivileged members of the economy, it should also complement and assist the local business sector in generating income. The government should complement and not antagonise the income generating members of the economy. I do hope that this “elected” city government official can understand the economic impact of his ordinance that hampers logistics and supply chain management. I heard his two sons also own a degree in Economics, one graduated from UP and the other from the prestigious London School of Economics. So what now?

3. Respect… at the workplace – Oh well! As much as I want to respect everyone at the workplace, some people are forcing me to deprive them. I have recent encounters which unfortunately involves some older and elder people. I used to believe that age tends to impose more respect. But you see, some older colleagues tend to abuse this assumed human right.

I will not deny my habitual tardiness. I’m suffering and paying the consequences of it. Unless I’m hampering and delaying your job or you are my boss, division head, or a direct client (any student)  or the president, you don’t have the right to confront and interrogate me. Even if it was intended as a joke. Little do you know, I was actually allowed to report late because I worked until 10 pm  yesterday.  And dear old man, you better focus on your job.    You might not like my own joke on you.

4. Executive Privilege  – The only person who has the executive privilege is the chief executive officer or the president. That is why it is called “Executive” because it belongs to the lone executive. It is also called a privilege because it contains an element of exclusivity. If another person will share the privilege, it should not have been called a privilege in the first place.

5. There’s a great deal of difference between preemptive and preventive – This deserves another rant blog post. The first provides an anticipation that something is sure to happen. The latter does not assure the occurrence.

I guess I already have enough rant here. I might as well end this post and face my tons of workload.


4 thoughts on “Just a blog post for August

  1. it’s not all negative after all. i see something positive in your three-year target. having goals are very important to keep our sanity. however, it’s best to put them in writing so you can review them from time to time.

    take the case of jim carrey, for example. when he was struggling as an actor, he wrote a check to himself in the amount of $1 million and put it in his wallet. he kept looking at it in moments of despair. it took some time, but it finally became a reality many times over soon after he achieved stardom. such is the power of positive thoughts.

    i suggest that you read this book, thoughts are things, by prentice mulford, which was published in 1908.


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