Four Years

Had it really been 4 years here?

I started blogging in 2005. I explored and tried blogs in different platforms. I started with Blogger but after a not-so-good experience with Google Ad Sense, I left and switch to WordPress. Truth to be told, I still maintain another blog from Blogger. I tried Multiply, Friendster, Weebly, Tumblr and Livejournal. I later discovered that the battle is between Blogger and WordPress.

I wanted to check my old posts and feed myself with some nostalgia. Unfortunately, my laziness hormones are overpowering everything. So as always, I’ll do it in the most unorganized way. I’ll allow myself to drift away with whatever thoughts that will come along the way.

I’m asking myself what have I achieved in my four years of existence here. My fondest memories are the earning opportunities I gained. Some years ago, I was accepted to Bucks2Blog. I was able to score paid blog posts. If I will sum up my earnings, I would like to believe that I already earned around $ 200 from all the sponsored posts. Unfortunately, I gave in to my shopaholic attacks. The most I can remember, I was able to purchase a Longchamp Le Pliage from my earnings. But for savings and investment, nada!

I don’t have intentions of popularizing this blog. Maybe between popularizing and monetizing, I will go for the latter. I wanted to remain semi-anonymous. The reason lies behind all the posts I made. I blogged about some people I hate and I don’t have intentions of telling them. I admit, I’m not brave enough to personally confront them. All I wanted is to selfishly vent out to the world. Case closed J

I’m beginning to realize that this blog became a portal of all my negativities. Yes, I’m guilty. I don’t know but for some reason, I find the drive to write when intense emotions are accumulating on me. If I would make an estimate I guess only 20% of the posts I made breed happy memories. Most of them are accomplishments, appreciation and those rare and unexpected instances of happiness.

Despite all the sad, pathetic and annoying stories I’m compiling, I will definitely hold on to this blog. I may not be able to blog on a regular basis, one thing sure though… I intend to keep this space.

Before I end this post, (I hate to sound to cliché) I would like to thank everyone who followed, liked and managed to read my posts. I may not personally know everyone. Perhaps, our paths have already crossed. Who knows? But really, every click, browse and reading you made here means a lot to me. THANK YOU DEAR FRIENDS and VISITORS! My four years in the blogosphere will never be the same without your presence. My gratitude particularly goes to my counted but frequent John Tugano, husband and wife team of Say Cheese, Plaridel, Renz and the Thriving Pessimist!

And since most of the time I’m always alone here let me do the cheering, here’s to more years of writing!


4 thoughts on “Four Years

  1. Hi Diane! That is because you are a true writer, you can write no matter what state or emotion you are in. 😊

    Congratulations on being a consistent source of info and entertainment. 😊

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