America’s Beauty : My Thoughts on the Controversial Ad

I was watching CNN when I chanced a feature on the latest TV ad from Coca Cola

Apparently, the varied language translation affected a number of American nationals. Many are ranting that it should have been purely sang in their native language.

I respect the sentiments of the American nationals.

If I were an American, will I get offended?

Maybe if our own Lupang Hinirang is rendered in different languages, will I likewise develop the same hate?

At this point, I don’t see anything offensive or disrespecting with the attempt to translate our national anthem to different languages. In fact, part of me feels a degree of appreciation.

If I’m an American, I would feel more proud of my country. The translation and the entire commercial signify that my home is likewise a home for other nationalities. True enough, America is the melting pot of everything. The varied nationalities housed in my dearest country means that we have whole-heartedly embraced everyone. It would be an honor to know that my country became the land of refuge and dreams for other nationalities.

I know that a significant number of immigrants in America represent the Filipino populace. Count 10 Filipino families, 8 of them probably have relatives in America. Many of my fellowmen found better life in America. I thank the country for that.  Though it’s quite sad that a number of my fellowmen, gave up their citizenship for America, I don’t feel hate. America gave them a better life and future. How can I feel hate about that?

I guess this is the real beauty of America. You have become a home to many Filipinos and other nationalities who want nothing but better lives for their families.


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