Conversations with my dearest college kiddies # 1

Male Student 1 : Ma’am may magandang chicks po na nagyaya sa akin sa condo niya. Pupunta po ba ako? (Ma’am, there’s this hot chick who invited me to visit her condominium unit. Should I accept her invitation?)

Me:  Huwag mo kalimutan magdala ka ng “foods” ha. (Don’t forget to bring “foods”.)

Male Student 1 : Di, nga Ma’am. Pupunta ba ako? (Do you think I should really go, Ma’am?)

Me: If you want to have a bruised face on your graduation photo, by all means … Go!


Male Student 2 : Ma’am, ano kaya ang magandang pangalan ng political party namen? (Ma’am, what can you suggest as a nice name for our political party?

Me : Dapat yung catchy at happy! (The name should be catchy and happy)

Male Student 2 : Ano nga Ma’am? (What can possibly be the name, Ma’am?)



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