Life Lately…

Papers of dearest college kiddies – Oh Dear God, I’m drowning with papers to read, review and edit.

Tagged by the Big Boss – I was tagged by the Big Boss to attend a major management meeting at the workplace. It didn’t help that ….. never mind, I’m not allowed to speak anyway. I just hope that my documentation project will finally be accomplished.

Meanwhile, the forever Windows user in me is beginning to appreciate the power of Mac.

Loving the rare cold weather – I’m fat but I’m never healthy. I’m always the first person to catch weather related viruses. Despite my weak immune system, I’m loving the rare 16 degrees celsius in Manila.

The everyday view at the workplace – It’s refreshing to see elements of nature at the workplace. Unfortunately, the trees badly need a trim. Otherwise, my entire window would be covered by leaves and branches. I once joked that maybe I’m a princess that needs to be hidden and protected from all the negative beings. Heeehee Hence, I shouldn’t worry about the trees.


4 thoughts on “Life Lately…

  1. hehehe what a busy bee you are. I also enjoy this cold weather we have in this time of year,though I always end up having a flu after taking a bath early in the morning before going to work..oh! I love the view at your work place so refreshing..
    tc always..

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