Maybe another mean girl

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In fairness to her…. she didn’t exactly point out Filipinos. Otherwise, I would have written an equivalent hate and mean post.

My first trip abroad was intended for my brief assignment turned milestone in Taiwan. Since my trip was funded by my employer (I was more than thankful) I have to settle with what the limited budget can offer. This includes taking an economy and cramped Cebu Pacific plane. I didn’t really mind because Taiwan is just hours away from Manila.

Going back home, I was booked on the same economy airline. It was December and I took a local economy airline. No wonder, 80% of my fellow passengers are Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Everyone is alive and noisy despite the 1am flight. In the check in counter, everyone is declaring luggage more than enough for one person. Without asking, I knew that they make the classic Pinoy pasalubong for the family, extended families, friends to the entire barangay.

When the plane finally landed, everyone went clapping. The sleepy morning was converted to a festive atmosphere. I knew the real reason. Their hearts are overflowing with excitement to see their families and happiness because they will be reunited this Christmas.

Yes they don’t travel that often. If given the choice, they don’t even like to travel. Most Filipinos probably travel because of their dream of providing decent lives for their family. ย The next time you encounter passengers clapping their hands as the plane lands, think of them as one of the Filipinos who are thankful for the simple reason that they are finally home.

Oh wait, this reminds me.. since you often encounter passengers who are clapping when the plane lands.. you probably don’t take business class on your trips ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought… never mind #justSaying


4 thoughts on “Maybe another mean girl

  1. sabihin na nating bihira lang naman lumipad ang mga pinoy at normal lang sa kanila yun (every week yung uwian ng mga ka-office ko nun sa US), kung ayaw mo pumalakpak e di wag haha.

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