Goodbye Customized Blog Theme

This blog has earned me a significant amount of money last year. I used to receive sponsored posts from this website. I was tasked to publish a post that relates my personal experience to a particular product brand. Sounds easy but the opposite happens in reality. One reason is the kind of products I have to write. I have to relate fire trucks, tile cement, shaver brush, plumber services, and bankruptcy lawyers to my personal life?!? How about that? My efforts and forced creativity paid off because for the first time, I was able to prove that online earnings are true. Unfortunately, my happiness abruptly ended. Before the year ended, my blog was removed from the website’s pool of writers. I suspect that the low page ranking and readership accounted for my exclusion.

I wanted to reward this blog for all the earnings it gave me. The first reward I gave was the domain name. It was successful except for the additional fee that surprised me. Aside from buying the domain name, I discovered the additional expenditure for the mapping fee. Nevertheless, I paid and still enjoying the dot com of my blog.

After the domain name, I wanted a makeover for my blog. While offers premium themes, I find it too expensive for a minimum of $ 30. I searched other sites that offer personalized wordpress themes for less. It was then when I was led to Esty, the wonderful world of everything handmade. I found a nice pre-made design template specific for wordpress. I purchased the theme and waited for the seller’s feedback.

Days after, the Etsy seller finally responded and worked on my newly purchased theme. I was later surprised with an information I carelessly overlooked. Turns out, I CAN’T CUSTOMIZE THE THEME FOR A WORDPRESS.COM ACCOUNT. I have to shift to WORDPRESS.ORG to install a customized theme. I was willing to shift except for the fact that demands an annual fee of $18. What da?!

So there, I have to forget my dream of installing a customized theme for this blog. Lesson learned, dream did not come true.


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