Kids and Plagiarism

Kids today are way blessed with the advances of technology. Think of computers and internet, these innovations are supposedly designed to make studying easier. This is the ideal, but we all know how reality plays the game.

Every semester, I have to read, edit and enhance business papers. These are works of my dearest college kiddies. To be honest, this is the side of teaching I hate. More often than not, I gain nothing but frustration whenever I read my students’ output. I’m not expecting something grand and innovative. I understand the fact that they are neophytes in research paper writing. What I hate the most is whenever I encounter plagiarized works. Plagiarized in the sense that the entire work is the end product of copying and pasting from varied websites. This is my greatest pet peeve, source of stress, frustration and fuel in activating my cancer cells….hopefully not.

This is the unfortunate trade off of excessive information accessed in a matter of seconds. I used to have high expectations with these kids. Over time however, I learned to adjust with their laziness and dishonesty. Today, I don’t anymore care whether a paper is grammatically problematic. In fact, this has become my point of leverage. If a paper is screaming with grammatical sicknesses, there is a high chance that the idea was novel and original. A paper with straight and seamless English is most likely a compilation of articles from everywhere. In class, I tell these kids that poor grammar can be addressed. But the lack of substance, content and idea… mankind is yet to invent the antidote.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back to work and for sure.. the next months would entail another set of frustrating encounters.



2 thoughts on “Kids and Plagiarism

  1. Tama ka. Swerte nga ng mga bata ngayon kasi yung information is one mouse click away na lang, pero tamad pa rin sila… Nung may computer shop pa ako, may nagpapaprint ng research paper, as in copy paste lang, hindi man lang na edit yung “click here to go to next page”..

    • aha! may computer shop ka papa dati.. bossing ka tlaga! hihihi nangyari din sa akin yan, may nagpasa sa akin .. nalimutan i-delete yung “back to top” at hyperlinks.. akala ata nila sila lang marunong mag internet

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