30 Things

1. I need to have a clean and neatly tucked bed sheet before I sleep. Otherwise, I refuse to sleep. I can sleep with all the dust and clutter inside my room, provided I have the cleanest white or light coloured bed sheet. 

2. I refuse to wear heels. No negotiations, I live a flat life.

3. I’m not a huge fan of chocolates. While everyone considered chocolates as comfort food, mine is having excessive salt and carbohydrates intake. By that, I demand a pan of paella, pizza or a bag of potato chips.

4. I don’t like my pen be borrowed and used by some random stranger. One of my greatest pet peeves is a fellow airline passenger bugging me for my pen to fill out the immigration form. Worst, I hate it when people don’t know how to return borrowed things.

5.  I hate it the most when a fellow female gives me a stare from head to foot.

6. I can detect a plagiarised work from my students. I can give an A+ to a grammatically problematic paper given the originality and hardwork.

7. I used to rant in my Facebook account. That was when Friendster was more famous and I only have 5 contacts in Facebook.  I regretted and vowed to never do it again. Whenever I encounter a contact ranting through a status message, I feel either annoyed or entertained. 🙂 While I don’t rant in Facebook, I transferred my sentiments here. Heehee

8. This blog is concealed from my colleagues and family. Although some friends are starting to discover this. I’m afraid of losing my freedom of speech.

9. I graduated from giving crappy gifts. Whenever I purchase a gift, I make sure that my friend will like it. Unfortunately, people around me including some friends never get tired of giving me gifts they know… I will not like.

10. Paying my credit cards make it as one of my greatest struggles. I can’t wait for the day when I can finally free myself with all the pending bills.

11. I easily cry.

12. I used to give my friends this special birthday card signed by their crush. I would make all means to make it happen. When my birthday arrived, I wasn’t expecting my friends to return the favour. I’m fine. Unfortunately, I got offended by a friend who told me to prepare my own birthday card.

13. Some of my friends are “user friendly.” They only remember me when they need me.

14. I got tired of organising Xmas reunions. I was once offended and vowed to never embrace the role again. A friend tried to fill in my shoes. As expected, she failed and my revengeful self was happy.

15. I’m becoming nocturnal doing my freelance works and teaching tasks during the holiday break. For some reason, I find my working pace when everyone is asleep and the entire environment is in silence.

16. In my opinion, parenthood changes but does not guarantee maturity at the workplace. I have seen colleagues who entered parenthood with their value system and professionalism left elsewhere.

17. I hate to be associated with powerful people at the workplace. It has its own perks but the consequences are more dragging.

18. I can proudly claim that everything I have is a product of my own hardwork. I never engaged in any illegal endeavour to achieve something. I made stupid mistakes such as overspending with my credit cards. But I’m cleaning up all the mess I made without the help and salvation of my parents.

19. I have no problems with being single. I’m fine except when everyone in the family is silently conniving to make me feel ugly.

20. I fear growing old and dying alone. This is intensified by the fact that I have ageing parents and a special brother to take care.

21. I wanted to write a book. As much as possible, away from my life in the academe. I don’t see myself writing textbooks and workbooks.

22. I still don’t know how to wear lipsticks. Everything ends up on my teeth.

23.  I don’t feel proud whenever I receive anything due to privilege, special favour and influence. I hate it when people brag about their government issued documents without having the need to wake up early and deal with the flock of fellow applicants.

24. I’m losing the interest to work. This is another battle I’m facing.  While I’m being challenged, I know I shouldn’t give up for my family and sanity.

25. I will never join a feast unless I’m personally invited. I’m extending this hard headedness even when there is food left at the office’s conference table. I will never touch anything that is not mine.

26. I grew up way different from my parents. Despite living with them until today, we have a lot of contradicting ideals and values. Much to their surprise, they raised a kid opposite of what they are expecting from their parenting principles.

27. I love freelancing and online writing. I don’t have to deal with nasty colleagues. I can do things on my own terms. Unfortunately, this type of work makes me more anti-social.

28. I feel insulted when clients are making all means to lower my professional fee. I’m selling personalised service and not some mass produced retail good.

29. If I get rich, I will sponsor scholarships and not a basketball team. While I love watching the ball game, working for a school made me realise the deprivation of academic scholars. I feel for these kids who are silently bringing glory to the school. I will make my scholarship terms less rigid though. You don’t have to be the top student in class to deserve my assistance.

30. I work for a school and I can easily enrol for doctorate studies for a minimal fee. Unfortunately, I lost interest in further studies. When I got immersed with the culture and system outside the academe, I realised that an additional academic degree is almost useless. As I see it, experience and exposure matter more these days.

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