Emotionally Fragile, please handle with care

I just need two more days to report for work. This is a rare privilege I own because yours truly works for a school. This is my favourite time of the year. But for 2013, it seems not. Maybe I’ve been so used to this pattern or routine. Hence, the excitement and happiness are no longer the same. I’m not feeling the same Christmas atmosphere back when I was starting to work. Oh well, maybe this is still an aftermath of my previous post.

While everyone here is no longer in the mood to work, I’m going against the tide. I have other plans. I want to finish checking the endless papers to be edited, email them to my dearest college kiddies and check whatever is left for me to accomplish in my office job.

I still appear unwell. I’m coping. I’m trying to get back on track. I was almost there not until what happened yesterday. Before I left for work, someone unintentionally offended me.  Of all people, why him? I sure have my own fault. I’m silently sensitive and emotionally fragile these days. But with my current state now, I just don’t need those words.

I said my piece. I’m getting back to work.


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