The Miracle Project

This video gave me tears.

The priceless happiness brought to the passengers gave me tears. However, my heart also cried for the hardworking men and women of West Jet Airlines. Upon further internet research, I learned that the people behind the miracle project are volunteer employees. I’m sure, these employees committed themselves to embrace additional tasks out of their way.

The reason why my attention was more focused on the employees is because I’m one of them too. I’ve been one of those silent people who prefer to work behind the scenes. I never wished to be in the shoes of the lead character. I’m fulfilled and contented knowing that I have my own contribution in making things happen. Attention and recognition are good but over time I learned that these things easily fade away. Two to three days after a successful endeavor, people will forget everything.

Setting aside my emotional issues πŸ™‚ I have to say that West Jet’s miracle project is the simplest yet effective advertising project any company can implement. In my years of reading and teaching, I learned this concept of building Emotional Attachment as a target for branding and positioning strategies. One way for companies to successfully reach their target market is to build an experience that will capture their hearts. In this case, West Jet is another company who successfully made it happen. Every passenger will surely remember their West Jest experience as one of their priceless and happiest trip home.


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