Another quarter life crisis saga

If something makes me feel bad and sad, what should I do?

I’m faced with two options. Either avoid and prevent to be in the situation or immerse myself to the condition. To be preventive or train myself to become used to the situation?

Should I choose to avoid the situation, I’m addressing the condition on a short term approach.  Shallow but in the end, it still alleviates the problem. Escaping provides a temporary shelter of protection to prevent the damage of more sadness and depression.

If I decide to torture and challenge myself to be always in this situation, I will eventually learn and develop my own coping mechanism.  Sounds like the better option but the road to this long term solution will never be easy. I have to welcome and endure more sadness and depression, with the hope of eventually overcoming everything and redeeming myself.

I wish I could relate the origin and details of this predicament. Maybe this is another episode of my self-diagnosed quarter life crisis.  I wish I could easily shout out my shallow grown up issues. Hoping that in return, everyone will sympathize and console me.  This is what I want to happen but life and its reality have other plans. Things will be more complicated and unexpected circumstances will emerge.

I think I have reached my quota of emotional rants. Enough of this… For now, the best thing I can do is rest, sleep and hopefully close this saga of my life.


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