Who’s the real client?

I’m back to work after a week long break. This is a rare privilege I receive as a result of working for a school. Pay may not be that competitive, but we are compensated with so much vacay. The next long break I’m looking forward is the  two-week Christmas to New Year holiday.

Feeling refreshed and recharged, I went to work early only to arrive late. FTW! Some forces are trying to decelerate my momentum. Despite the early morning frustration, I’m feeling that this will be my week. I’m feeling the positive energy.  Yes, I’m claiming it! Problem is,  if I’m really interested to work, why am I here? Why am I blogging instead of starting work early? To my defend myself, I consider this post as my warming exercise for writing. My work for today entails a lot of writing. Hence, why not start the day by publishing one post.

One of my favorite topics to write is Customer Service. It has been the cause of  both my ire and pleasure. Most of the time however, I admit that I’m exerting more efforts in documenting those negative experiences. Perhaps this can serve as a blogging objective next year. I have to fill this blog with positive stories and experiences.  I have to compensate every frustration with a positive story. Sounds like a good and manageable deal to me then.

Before I finally venture to this self-imposed deal, allow me to share another point of criticism that emerged from another failed customer service experience.  Borrowing Britney Spears’ famous line, yes they did it again.

Some weeks ago, I went to this foreign brand shoe boutique in the North. I’ve been lusting a pair from their collections since the beginning of the year.  I decided to give myself the  much needed peace of mind. I headed to their store on a weekday morning. I figured out that this  idle time is the best for stress and hassle free shopping.

I was expecting a customer empty shop.  My expectations failed me to some extent.  There were only two customers who were surprisingly attended by the shop’s entire team. I saw a chaos of shoe boxes and more than a dozen of shoes scattered. It felt like I was watching two modern day princesses surrounded by her army of rattled slaves.  The modern day princesses happened to be this famous fashion blogger and a local celebrity.

I ignored their presence and searched for the pair I will be taking home. When I was already settled with my preferred color and style, I approached the empty cashier area to signify my intention of purchasing. It took a hell of 15 minutes before a sales personnel finally attended to my concern.  At that time, my inferiority complex hormones made an unexpected attack. I felt like a stupid being begging and waiting for that drop of attention.  It felt like I was another slave who has to give way to a member of the royalty.

When a sales personnel finally acknowledged my existence, I courteously asked for a new stock in my size.  I never received any form of apology or even that drop of kind customer service. If another person have been in my shoes, the shop will probably be bathed with their month long quota of tongue-lashing.   The always silent person in me will never do it. Lucky for them, unfortunate for me.

I left the store with my most awaited pair. The product has delivered its promise and fulfilled my expectations. As with the customer service experience, it was the complete opposite.  For the entire year, I can say that this was the lowest of the low customer service experience I had.

If I have something to be proud and thankful for this experience, my saving consolation is my choice of keeping my composure. I didn’t make any scene to humiliate anyone. I didn’t return the favor of the unfavorable treatment.

At some point however, part of me is shouting that I could have done something to emphasize my right. Between me and the celebrity with the fashion blogger, I AM THE REAL and PAYING CLIENT.


One thought on “Who’s the real client?

  1. hehe you’re not the only one who experienced such kind of irritating moment, Dianne.Good thing you have a very elastic patience because if for me I might have made a scene in there…Ugali na nating mga Noypi yan na kung sino ang nakakaangat then yun ung priority hehehe..kawawa nmn taung mga small hehee..

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