I’m not used to writing for fiction. Though I want to develop the skill, I guess it might take another lifetime for me to do it. 🙂 Regardless, allow me to have this opportunity to at least attempt. I’m joining a writing challenge that requires participants to write anything limited to 100 words.

I will appreciate all forms of criticisms. As Paul Arden said, don’t ask for praises. Ask for what is wrong and make way to the room for improvement.


Like his usual morning routine, he went out of the chapel and headed for work.

Everyone got used to his solitary personality. People have been trying to explain his self-alienation. A traumatic incident or a dark past might have caused him to impose distance to everyone.

No one can exactly relate his life outside the workplace. The least everyone knows is his residence in the nearby dormitory and his family who thrives on the Southern part of the country.

On one of those usual work days, something unexpected happened.

His world stopped and felt that familiar and unexplained shiver again.


10 thoughts on “Shiver

  1. if i may suggest, since this week’s challenge is about the koi fish in the pond, you can relate your protagonist’s situation to the fish swimming around and around with no place to go.

  2. Dear Diane,

    There seems to be a something of a disconnect between your 100 word story and the Friday Fictioneers challenge. The idea is to write a story inspired by the photo prompt that I post on my blog every week. I’m guessing you’ve seen it since you posted your link on the Friday Fictioneers link list.

    As to your story, we all have to start somewhere. To write a story with beginning, middle and end in only 100 words is a challenge but a great writing exercise.

    Please let me know how I can help to clear up any confusion.



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