The school where I am working is an active member of this local collegiate league. This is something I never experienced back in college. I graduated from a university that is not known for sports or anything related to athletics. I became an avid supporter of the school’s basketball team maybe because I was deprived of this opportunity when I was way younger. Haha

Despite being an employee and a teacher to some of these athletes, I never had the chance to score free tickets. Yes, I swear to God and the heavens. I paid for all the basketball matches I’ve watched. I’m quite averse on begging for free tickets.  To begin with, I never had the connections and influence to secure these freebies. I may sound like a sore loser but I feel quite proud and thankful of my pathetic fate.  I don’t need to return any favour to anyone. I also believe that real supporters can be counted among those who willingly took time and shed some money for that ticket of support.

In all the games I watched, I can count the number of times we paid for the most coveted patron or VIP seat. If I’m not mistaken, we only purchased the most expensive ticket twice. We usually avail the lower to upper box tickets because of budget constraints and the fact that these expensive seats instantaneously become sold out. Despite the hefty price, there are people who are willing to pay. For the longest time, I thought that this was the rule of the business or make that, rule of the other game.

On the last game we watched, ticket sales were evidently low. The seats in the lower box area are screaming empty. It was a lousy game to our benefit. The opposing team was trailing more than 20 pts. As a result, my eyes and attention went out of the game. This made me notice the fully occupied patron section. How come? Stupid and too late for me to discover that the people seated in that most coveted area are VIPs.

I was more intrigued to discover that in the case of basketball games, VIPs are not the officials and sponsors of the league. VIPs are defined as wives, illegal wives, official girlfriends, secret girlfriends, happy and gay supporters of the players and the coaching staff everyone is routing for. In the end, my eyes were treated to a feast of intrigues, gossips and all those open secrets I never knew.

While I listen to my companion’s story, I was able to form my list of observations.

1. Most are females and members of the happy and gay. I can count MEN seated in the area.

2. The females wear the shortest shorts, tiniest skirts, skimpiest tops … only to keep them pulling and fixing their outfits from time to time. Are you showing skin or not? I don’t know if they realise that they are in a fully air conditioned venue that also houses health related viruses.

3. Most of the females have the fairest skin worthy of a Ponds’ commercial. So this concludes that even though I can afford the ticket, I should prepare myself for possible denial of entry.

4.  The females are displaying either humongous Samsung phones or the latest selfish model of an iPhone. I own a Samsung but not in the likes of the  Note and S series. Again, I’m denied of entrance.

5. They have really expensive bags. I can see a parade of Prada and LV. So again, this can deny me of entry in the VIP section.

In the end I conclude that even though I have the money that can afford the ticket, I have to pass the listed rigorous requirements.

But more than passing the listed qualifications, I have to first acquire the status of this game’s VIP.


Days after publishing this post, I encountered this tweet from one of the league’s officials


Oh well, season pass should have been the title of this post. My mistake of calling them VIPs. It should have been SEASON PASS HOLDERS


4 thoughts on “VIP

    • There are only counted people usually comprised of women in their 20s to 30s (fair skinned, wearing the skimpiest outfits) and the members of the happy and GAY populace.

      I bet the players feel flattered like seeing their other visual trophies on the side 🙂

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