Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizon


The infinite clear blue sky, endless sea, and the unending mountain ranges are the best ways to depict a horizon.

The photo was taken in Coron Palawan, one of the 7,107 islands that comprise the Philippines. I went here last summer with a few colleagues. I fell in love with nature again. If I will tour a non-Filipino friend in my country, Palawan will definitely be on the list.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Horizon

  1. Will you be my your guide? It’s in my bucket wish list. Perhaps one day. My main concern is malaria since I have an 8 year old son but I was told there’s the malaria free zone. Is this part of Palawan similar to El Nido. I may go to the Philippines Summer 2014. Crossing my fingers. Best wishes to you and your family from a Fil-Texan…howdy-kamusta?

    1. I’m not from Palawan but I can surely help you planning your trip 🙂 I think before the government promoted Palawan as a premiere destination and before applying for the newest wonders of the world, they already exerted efforts to resolve this issue. So far, I haven’t heard of a malaria epidemic. I don’t know if this will inspire you but a lot of famous Hollywood personalities were brought to Palawan. The Bourne Legacy team, Zac Efron, and author like Ransom Riggs were amazed with Palawan.

      Yes El Nido is part of Palawan. Hoping your family trip will push through!

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