New Journey Series : Life will get better

The year is about to end and I haven’t produce any update for this self-imposed blogging series. I’m on a week long vacation. There are still two working days left for next week. I’m expected to report but I’m feeling quite lazy and my wallet is already screaming empty. Then I remember that I have a very kind boss and a bucket of unused vacation leave credits. Obviously, the best thing to do is to rip off the leave credits before it becomes forfeited and take advantage of the kindest boss who is already on vacation. Haha

Going back to the main reason why I wrote this post, I need to document and update myself on my current struggle. Settling the pile of credit card bills and rebuilding my savings account.

After availing of the balance transfer program, I have been religiously paying my pending bills through installment. I was starting good late last year until early this year. Unfortunately, my low EQ attacked me again. I broke my promise of no longer using the evil rectangular plastic device. I gave in to the temptation of becoming Rebecca Bloomwood again. I used the cards for some personal shopping and accumulated a small pile of unpaid purchases. To my defense, the unpaid balances are still manageable. My upcoming 13th month pay can still cover up. (I hope so) Added to this the “hate” purchase I made in the middle of the year. I got pissed off with my less than a year old Sony Xperia. I sold the phone to my friend M and purchase a more expensive Samsung phone using again the evil device. I availed of the card’s installment and deferred program. So as of date, I’m not paying the phone until next year.

I guess another reason that gave me the courage to change my phone is the pending freelance client. I’m about to collect a professional fee that can pay almost half of the phone’s price. Hopefully, client will pay me before next year. I pray that client is not another swindler.. like my colleague and relative who committed professional estafa against me. Bless them Dear God! Share to them the experience of being in my pathetic shoes.

Before the year ends, I’m about to turn 30 and this adds up to the pressure of finally fixing my life. Whenever I check my Facebook account, I always feel a jumble of emotions from being happy, envious and pathetic. I feel a sense of happiness whenever I see great news from my friends sharing their success stories. More often than not what I see are photo uploads of engagement rings, wedding rites, pregnancy confirmation, trips abroad, promotion, and all those milestones of happiness. When I look at myself, the dominant image I see are frustrations, dwindling self-esteem, weight gain problems, financial concerns and all those negativities. Sure enough, I will not be able to celebrate my 30th debt free and worry free. I have to literally and figuratively pay for everything. In my last count, I will be able to settle everything when I reach the age of 33. Whew!

But I’m holding on, I’m not giving up. I will work hard and look forward on the day when I can finally close this series. Life will get better!


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