Dangerous Mission Aborted

Hooray! Some of you might remember my previous post about this hardheaded challenging client that has been plaguing me over the past months. The last output she required me tested my patience to the fullest. I found the output unnecessary but since she was the boss. I gave in to her demands.  Stupid as I was, I said yes despite the fact that it was impossible for me finish the output within the span of the deadline.

I should have been pressured but for some reason, I never felt any compelling force to finish the job. I guess the main reason why I wasn’t pressured is because client’s demands were impossible to finish. I approximated the time I needed to complete the task and I always end up with IMPOSSIBLE…

Come Friday night, I decided to face my battle. I faced the tons of worksheets and data again. I know that it was impossible for me to finish, but I decided to try. I sought help from the cyberspace to accomplish the task easier and faster. Much to my disappointment, fail! While I was finding means to make things happen, I intentionally hid my phone because client is surely bugging me with the deadline. True enough, this was one of the best decisions I made. I spared myself from the another unnecessary pressure.

Barely minutes before 12 am, someone out there must have heard my predicament. Eureka! I found an easier way to accomplish clients’ demands. In one hour, I FINALLY MADE IT! I was able to create the 1000+ tables that client is demanding, all done in less than an hour. Whew! I wasn’t able to beat her Friday deadline. To redeem myself, I finished everything at 1am.

I have been a lousy freelancer here. If client will rate me, I will surely receive a negative rating. I don’t anymore care. My saving grace is that I have delivered her almost impossible demand. I did my job with all honesty and integrity. I messed up but I didn’t perform any form of cheating, dishonesty and data manipulation.

Finally, that huge thorn in my throat has been taken out.  Work is done! Added to this the fact that teaching will be over soon. All my lectures have been prepared and soon enough it will be exam week already. This weekend has so far been the best. Thank you!


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