Messing up

I have this hadheaded challenging client to deal with. She gave me a deadline until Friday. To be honest, I cannot make it even though I said, yes I will comply. I just placed myself in trouble again. Sh#^!

Work was suspended today and I should have used the spare time to accommodate client’s unreasonable and (sorry to say) useless request. But what I did today, I slept the entire day. To my defense, I’m feeling a slight fever, back pains and possible cough on their way.

I messing up. I’m bothered but I’m not alarmed.

6 thoughts on “Messing up

    1. to be honest, i have an evil plan hihihihi i’ll blog about it kaso with password
      it’s gonna be between the two of us. so if client knows about it, it only means that you squealed me hihihi

      1. whahaha ! malay ko ba naman kung sino client mo haha, pero pwedeng iblog ko nalang tapos i link ko sa kanila ? hahah sige sige ill wait for it .. pero wag msyadong evil .. konti lang 😀

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