Prove yourself and pass the blame on them

I’m not easily swayed by negative perceptions and criticisms drawn over people I personally know.  I don’t immediately believe in gossips, rumors to shared stories that seemed to taint the reputation of the few people who have earned my trust and respect.

Setting aside my friends and family members, I maintain the same conviction among people within the realm of my professional world. This includes a few colleagues, freelance clients and even to a number of students, who have shown me exemplary and even average performance accompanied by hardwork, respect and perseverance.

A few days ago I discovered a complicated situation that involves a past student. Student is a scholar by virtue of the athletic program. In our school and I believe even in our neighboring schools, athlete scholars have been giving the management its own share of headaches as a result of poor academic performance.

My past student has broken the stereotype image of athletes. Student has become to me the surprise of all surprises. Despite being absent for a month to perform athletic duties, student was able to cope with the demands and requirements of the subject. What further blew me away is the results of student’s major examination. Student received the second highest score, rendering only 5 mistakes. Student was able to generate a midterm grade that provides an assurance of passing the subject. Despite the excellent performance, student continued to regularly attend classes.

Student impressed me well and as I was relating student’s story with a colleague, I discovered that student was consistently rendering the same hardwork even with other subjects.

When I tried to investigate the details of the student’s situation, my belief and conviction about student remained untainted. As much as I would like to console student, I have to distance myself. I was never involved with the issue. Though part of me is dying to tell student that much of the blame should be contained to the teacher. If the teacher has followed the policy and did her share of monitoring, the succeeding events could have been prevented.

The person in authority has decided on the case. In my mind though, it was never fair for students to suffer the consequences of another person’s misgiving.  While I don’t agree with the the authority’s decision, student was given a very slim chance of making things happen.

At the end of the day, the least I can do is hope that student will never lose patience, perseverance and hardwork. I hope that student will be able to prove to the person in authority that it wasn’t student’s fault to be placed in this predicament. I hope student can make things happen even at this most difficult and impossible stage.

Good luck kid.

You may have forgotten me already but win or lose, I believe in you!


One thought on “Prove yourself and pass the blame on them

  1. I remember the story of a good friend of mine. We were sophomores in college back then when she started being absent in class just because she didn’t like our teacher. She said she can learn better on her own. The subject was Physics. Our teacher reprimanded her, told her that she will fail her. Well, she ended up getting perfect scores in all the quizzes and even the final exams!

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