Dear Unlikely Protagonist

This post will finally declare that I’ve been disconnected and alienated from the workplace for the longest time. I literally report to work everyday but my senses are reporting somewhere else. (Blame everything to the blessing of my freelance work.) The only places I reach are my cube, designated classrooms, toilet, the nearby 7-11 store and the canteen. Had it not because of my Facebook account, I wouldn’t have known another source of controversy. For some reason, Facebook endows that barrels of bravery to most of my colleagues and other stakeholders. Everyone suddenly becomes brutally frank through that 63,206 character allocation. This makes me realize that even I took a month long leave, I can silently become updated.

Apparently, there’s another issue that created the story of an oppressed Protagonist vs.a group of powerful villain. This time however, Protagonist is not your typical weak, quiet and financially struggling employee. Protagonist is rich, fierce, confident and most of all, endowed with much VOCAL chords of self-upliftment. The way I understood it, there are envious antagonists who are trying to taint Protagonist’s excellent performance. Protagonist was confronted by a set of position powered Antagonists. Protagonist was maligned by accusations to which no one can verify. But since Protagonist is equally aggressive, the confrontation backfired to the Antagonists.

To be honest, I’m not directly affected by the rub between Protagonist and the group of Antagonists. Hence, who do I care?

But since I already knew the story, I have my silent thoughts about everything. Protagonist is new in the workplace but the nature of the job automatically gains easy tickets to popularity. Anyone occupying such job position instantly becomes a workplace celebrity. Protagonist became more famous because of that face, which launched a number of TV commercials and captured the admiring eyes of both men and women.

It’s not that I’m taking the side of the Protagonist. I want to become fair and objective in as much as I can. Unfortunately, we don’t need to employ best HR experts to determine who have made the wrong move. It was obvious from the start that the position powered antagonists are responsible for everything.

If given the chance to speak to Protagonist, I wouldn’t tell Protagonist about my support. I was never vocal and for sure, I will never have a chance to communicate with Protagonist. I also don’t want to appear as one of those people, who loves to massage someone’s ego … just because Protagonist came from a wealthy family and owns that face everyone is dying to have.

Some of my colleagues may not realize it but Protagonist provided a win-win situation for the institution. The institution does not have the money to achieve that much coveted dream. To make this dream happen, the institution badly needed a person like Protagonist.

Protagonist is not after the minimal monetary income offered by the management. Protagonist accepted the job even with the lowest salary rate. As I see it, Protagonist only wanted a great record to strengthen that priceless professional portfolio.

Protagonist is the perfect match for our institution. Protagonist and the Institution both wanted an excellent job performance. Institution unfortunately does not have the financial resources. The great news however is that Protagonist is rich and not after the amount of salary.

With the way things were handled by the powerful Antagonists, Protagonist has all the right to feel disappointed and devastated. Worst comes to worst, Protagonist might quit in the middle of the job. Protagonist will simply pay the monetary worth of the two-year contract. Unfortunately for the institution, this is not good news. This is another nightmare that can place the name of the institution in the bad light.

I may not be directly affected but I’m more concerned with the negative reputation that will be gained by the institution. If Protagonist will leave the institution, the workplace’s image will be painted with its own share negativity.

If Protagonist and the troop of smart support staff will be able to encounter this post, may I request for longer patience on your end? Please don’t get tired of proving your worth and showcasing your troop’s excellent strategies. Please turn your frustrations to inspirations.

PS There’s another workplace controversy to blog. Now I regret the fact that I didn’t convert this writing marathon to a blog series.

2 thoughts on “Dear Unlikely Protagonist

  1. jealousy, aside from money is the root of all evil! Poor protagonist being bullied by people who never successfully completed the stage of industry vs. inferiority. lol. I hate antagonistic people. They are all losers, but can’t accept this plain fact.

    Hopping through! Got your link from June. Will be back for sure, blog on mate! 🙂

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