I was never interested

Because freelance work is eating much of my time, I became a bit disconnected from the workplace. Yes, I juggle jobs. Office-teaching-freelance define me. I was too focused beating deadlines. In effect, I was too late to discover and learn things that should not have happened, especially within the grounds of a Catholic and trying to be Christ-inspired institution.

My bestfriend and forever lunch buddy related to me a very controversial issue that involves two of our colleagues. The two are both married, one is pregnant and the other is a father to three kids. I bet, you can guess the story that made everything so controversial. Whatever they share used to be an open secret to their close group of friends. Everything however exploded when the wife of my male colleague made a scene during office hours. The wife confronted pregnant colleague and those classic wife vs. mistress drama scene happened. It was unfortunately witnessed by a number of colleagues from other departments. In a span of a week, everyone at the workplace knew the story except for me. The silent gossipers were treated to an exclusive feast.

If given the choice, I wished that I never heard the story. I wish I never knew everything.

Ignorance is bliss….

I was never close to both colleagues. We weren’t friends but I have developed good working relationships with them. The controversy and the accompanying stories changed everything. Whenever I see them, I see the story that rattled the entire workplace.

I may sound like one of those hungry and judgmental gossipers but I swear, I don’t blame and persecute them. In fact, I’m not anymore interested to hear the real story. If given the chance, I wanted to remove the story to everyone’s memory. Not that I’m trying to play the role of a saint here. I’m actually more concerned with the fate of the workplace.

Dear Colleagues,

For heaven’s sake, return to your workstations. Don’t wait for our main source of livelihood to suffer bankruptcy. Knock on wood, if this happens …. be sure you can still gossip about them again.

Perhaps if colleagues have freelance jobs and deadlines to beat, the story wouldn’t appeal to them too..




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