Workaholic maybe

Took a leave from work today to accommodate some freelance work sssssh Please don’t tell my boss 🙂


I planned to finish do freelance work # 1 today. I was optimistic not until laziness overpowered me. I slept the entire day. Award for the most hardworking freelancer!

Work at the office is fine. I’m working out a documentation requirement for this accreditation that the school is applying. Hopefully, I can finish everything before the year ends. Teaching is what keeping me occupied though. I went back teaching Research Writing and the tons of paper to check has been eating up my time. Added to this the threats of carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back pains, twitter rants and curses from my dear college kids.

I would like to believe that I’m not really busy. Maybe I’m just poor in time management. I was almost convinced that the problem thrives in me. Almost not until I I woke up without my supply of toiletries. As a member of the female populace, this signals an alarm of panic. Waking up with a few drops of conditioner, hair serum, feminine wash … I can’t go to the nearest grocery during office hours. I’m not and will never be like that. I planned to do my errands after office hours only to realize that I can’t even catch the 9 pm closing time. My classes extend until 8:30 pm and the remaining 30 minutes will never be enough to run to the nearest Watsons.

Despite of everything, I’m not complaining. In fact I’m thankful for all the opportunities. And hopefully, more over the years to come.


One thought on “Workaholic maybe

  1. You are amazing for catching up with freelance work! I want to go back to freelance writing too but every time I think about it, I back out. Haha! I wish I can prioritize that over sleep and going out. 😦

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