Forced to write this

I was about to log out and start my day at 9:54 pm. I’m ready to start freelance work # 1 not until I remember reading this article. Hint about the article: It’s about that woman persecuted because of her alleged connivance with politicians stealing away the hard worked money of all taxpayers.

I avoid writing anything about government and politics because I just don’t like it.

But after reading the said article, I felt compelled to write. I felt the need to burst out my own list of sentiments

1. I used to believe that our government charges lower tax rates as compared to other countries. Since we are charged with lesser income tax, I shouldn’t expect much in return. @#$%&

I honestly settle my income tax. In fact, the government earns four times from me every month. I’m sure that I’m not the only struggling office employee who experiences this. This also made me remember that actress who lambasted the informal settlers. Hey actress, I’m waiting for you to rant about those politicians involved. What happened to you and your big twitter mouth? Is it because you are friends with these wealthy politicians?

2. Whenever I see defective roads and bridges, I don’t really complain. I used to believe that government does not have enough funds. I should settle with what the local government can afford. @#$%

3. I exercise my right to suffrage. I still support and believe in the capacity of the government. I also don’t want to be tagged as the citizen who doesn’t own any right to complain just because I never had my vote counted. Only to discover that my right to suffrage is partly responsible for facilitating corruption.

4. On those rare instances when I commit jaywalking, I feel very guilty. Jaywalking vs. malversation of people’s hard worked money? Who is committing more detrimental? To my defense, I don’t use either the overpass or underpass because of the heartless beings who have mercilessly taken away hard worked mobile phones and the meager pay of my friends and colleagues.

5. I pity more my retired colleagues who have been struggling after years of working and honestly settling their income tax. Despite their old age, they have to wait for months to have their drops of retirement funds. Unless I do anything to change my life, I’ll be one of them too.

6. I pity more the public school teachers. Heck, that money can be used to raise their income and give them better health benefits. As one blogger said, the real pambansang hayop (national animal) are the public school teachers. Overworked, underpaid and forced to be abused on the times when we reposition another set of evil beings.

7. I don’t feel much guilt for maximizing the use of the cheap mass rail transport system (LRT and MRT). I used to believe that the government has all the right to increase the cheap train fares. As compared to other Asian countries, our train fares are the cheapest. This time however, I don’t anymore believe that the government does not have enough funds to subsidize the public transport’s operations.

8. Even for the sake of good will, I realized that I should not give way to politicians and their convoys who impose their own rules on the road. The only vehicle that should own the road is the hospital ambulance. Unless otherwise the ruthless politician inside that single-digit-plate vehicle is meeting God soon. By all means, let us further block the road and prepare his pathway to eternal peace.

9. I’m not a bad person after all. I work, religiously pay my taxes, obey traffic rules, honestly fall in line whenever I transact with government offices … the next politician who will tell me that I’m one of those insensitive, unpatriotic and selfish citizens who hinders country’s growth…. I’ll pray that you meet God in the soonest possible time.


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