Long weekend

A rare long weekend! I should have been the happiest because it meant longer sleeping hours, reading my hopeless romantic paperbacks, korean drama series marathon … this is life! Hahaha

It should have been a relaxing weekend not until I realized that I have a screaming empty wallet. (FTW!) My fault, I know.

Prior to the long weekend, I met up a client after my night classes. Still exhausted from handling the restless college kids, I hurried to our meeting place to finally seal the deal. After a short meeting over a great meal, I was able to get the job. The meager pay I can get from the job is not enough to settle all the debts. But any additional income is always a welcomed addition. It can give that slightest but much needed financial relief.

But before the happiness, I must endure a little suffering first. I’m spending the long weekend with my equally struggling netbook, kindest supply of internet connection from my cousin (Thanks A!) and the challenge of making this happen.

I need all the luck and prayers for this job.

To my Filipino blog friends, enjoy the long weekend!



      1. katulad ng hindi uso ang holiday ay hindi rin uso samin ang double pay, kung bakit ako nagttyaga sa trabaho ko ay hindi ko rin alam LOL

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