New Journey Series : Enough ..

I was relieved when I found an easier way to settle my credit card debts. I opened another credit card account and availed of the Balance Transfer Program. In a nutshell, the Balance Transfer Program enables account holders to transfer their accumulated debt from another credit card. What’s best about this program is that for a lower interest rate, the account holder can pay the transferred debt in terms. It gave me a huge relief because I can finally stop the bleeding interest charges that have been causing me an arm and a leg.

The monthly installments are tough. As I settle every monthly bill, I felt the effects of my stupidity and immaturity. The monthly installments could have become significant savings and investment opportunities. To relieve myself, I’m envisioning my life after two more years. At that time, my installment plans are over. I will start life all over again and this time, I promised myself that I will become better and wiser. Incidentally, I’m nearing the next decade of my life. With the additional years, there’s nothing I want but for this to be over.

When the year started, I was properly handling my balance transfer installments. I was able to pay everything in full. Unfortunately, my good performance lasted only on the first to the early quarters of the year. Everything started in the month of June. I always hated June because I see this as one of financially draining months. Again, my immature self never failed to anticipate this. The bills piled up, I was able to use up part of my savings account and what’s worst, I swiped the cards again.

As I reviewed my spending patterns, I discovered that I’m so worst this year. In the past, I only use up my credit cards. This time, I’m able to ruin even my hard earned savings account.

You see, I may dress well, my students respect me, I’m able to do my job but deep inside … I’m still struggling and inducing myself to fail..

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