Award! I’m part of the WordPress family !

I purchased my domain name only to let my blog sleep again. It’s quite hard for me to write posts these days. At the same time, I feel so guilty for not being able to visit bloggers who would regularly comment and like my posts. Sorry 😦 I’m really occupied with my teaching load. Two months have passed and I’m still adjusting. Added to this is the very EFFICIENT technician who SCREWED the settings of my workplace’s desktop. I was agitated to the extent that I decided to stop complaining and phoning their office. After their supposedly preventive maintenance, they reformatted my desktop and can no longer return the original and updated settings. My internet browser was also affected and WordPress does not properly load. I can’t blog and even check your comments.

Despite my struggle to fulfill my blogging responsibilities, I was surprised to discover that Yashie passed on this award to me

Thank you Yashie!

Similar to most Liebster and other friendly blogging recognitions, allow me to pass on this seal to my few blog friends.

1. John Tugano of The Blithe and Untroubled Life – You really write well. You never failed to inspire me in your posts.

2. Addie of Betwixt and Between – Another great writer who provides me a dose of meaningful posts.

3. The Appletizer – The first nurse blogger I’ve ever encountered! We share the same sentiments and if ever we’ll meet in person, I feel that she can become one of my few good friends.

4. Musings of a Muggle in Converse – She blogs from the heart. She’s one of the few persons who have been beautifully crafted from experience.

5. Say Cheese – Humor and wit, this blog has it all!

6. Surviving Beau – I’m shy to visit and comment on her blog. But I always admire her for the courage and story of survival. She profoundly expressed my long been hidden thoughts related to her experience.

7. Tita Buds!!! – A fellow Filipina who shared her experiences and sentiments in another country. Thank for the free international tour and heart warming comments you leave in my blog.

8. Musings of a Random Mind – Thank you for taking time to read my shallow and immature rants. I enjoy reading your always meaningful posts.

9. Irene of Seven Hundred Fifty – Hey Irene! Why suddenly turn private? Whatever it is, I hope to read your blog again. You have a one-of-a-kind challenge that I anticipate reading. Your presence in my blog posts also makes me happy.

10. The Red Thinking Cap – One of the few blogs that deals with issues in the educational industry or academe. Please update your posts soon. 🙂

To the 10 bloggers I identified, thank you for coming in my blog life. It used to be that I’m the only person reading my blog. Years after, I discovered some of you and some of you also discovered me. I’m looking forward to strengthening our blogging relationship.

If you want to pass the award, please follow the following rules
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate 10 others you see as having an impact on your WordPress experience and family.
4. Let your 10 Family members know you have awarded them.
5. That is it. Just please pick 10 people who have taken you as a friend, and spread the love.


4 thoughts on “Award! I’m part of the WordPress family !

  1. hala salamat ng marami hehehe…you put a very big smile on my face Dianne..=)
    I\ll be looking on these blogggers mentioned above..Congratulations for this award well deserved by you anyway..=)

  2. Awww. Thank you, Diane! I’m really touched and I think you’re right that if ever we meet in person, we’ll surely be good friends! 😉 Sorry for the super late reply. I share this laptop with my siblings and my phone’s WordPress app isn’t so convenient. Anyway, thank you again! 🙂

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