Shewantstowrite no more!

I’m on a surprising blogging streak! Contrary to what I claimed two days ago that I’m so busy and my hands are beginning to have that occasional numbness. Signs of aging? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Either of the two, I don’t like.

I can’t identify the source or even the forces that attacked me this afternoon. After checking my paypal account, I noticed a single digit fund in my balance. Yes, as in less than $ 10. I was contemplating what to do with my pathetic funds. Shopping at Zalora is not an option. What can I buy for a single digit dollar? If I can purchase anything, I will surely be charged with the unreasonable shipping fee.

Aside from online shopping, what else can I do? This made me remember my another shopaholic adventure last month. I purchased a domain name for my blogger account. Yay! My first time to own a dot com

I used to believe that acquiring a domain name is expensive. Like thousand of pesos charged to my credit card account. To my surprise, it was way cheaper. For as low as Php 500, I can own a domain name. And so I did. I purchased

I almost thought that my Php 500 expenditure was a win. My mistake is that I failed to research how will I link my WordPress account to my purchased domain name. Turns out, WordPress charges additional fee for this. Phew! How much? $ 13!

I felt stupid and decided to let go of the domain name I purchased. But no, I didn’t want my shopaholic purchase to turn as an idle item. It’s like I purchased a nice blouse without ever wearing it. I forced myself to pay the additional $ 13 mapping fee. Sigh.. This was way different with my blogger account. I was never charged with additional linking or mapping fee. With that, I conclude that WordPress is so demanding. The good thing however with WordPress, activating your domain name is fast and easy. Some domain name providers would take time to activate and upload newly purchased domain names. But with WordPress’ mapping and activation, things were convenient, fast and easy to navigate.

So there, I bid goodbye to

Say hello to my domain name

I’m sure you are wondering why not ? It was already taken! 😦 I did some transformations and I ended up with this shorter name.

And as always, I prefer to write to express my thoughts. I am not deaf or mute. Writing will forever be my vernacular of speaking!


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