Still here

Hello! In case there are people reading my page šŸ™‚

Half way of the year and half way of July and I’m still “postless” I have been adjusting to the demands of my second job. This semester I went back teaching Business Plan Writing. For the first time, I’m also teaching Project Management.

Business Plan Writing is fine except for the tons of paper to read, review and edit. I have to read 29 papers in a week?! Years ago, I used to manually write my comments to each submitted paper. I later realized that this appoach is taking so much time and energy. To make things better for us, I asked my college kids to send everything through email. Paperless and effortless, I thought. My hands were spared from the pain of excessive writing. I almost thought that I can escape my hand’s occasional numbness. Turns out, I think I will soon develop a worse disability. Carpal tunnel syndrome, is that you? Oh Dear God, have mercy to this poor educator.

As for my Project Management class, I have issues to settle with how I learned this field. I never learned Project Management in the classroom. I was trained and exposed in the actual battlefield or the workplace. It’s like I know how to play the instrument. I know how to make good music but I never learned to read and grasp a musical piece. I know how to execute but to develop the structure, I never learned it in the academic approach. I’m spending more time reading books and trying to reconcile what I learned from the battlefield.

That’s it… Sorry for the lousy post. To tell you honestly, even typing this requires tons of effort from me. My arms are starting to ache and in a few minutes, I’m rushing everything for my next class.



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