Value System and Status Symbol

I almost thought that we were having a typical lunch break. I had lunch with my lone friend at the workplace. We finished early and I noticed that I have a few more minutes to doze off. I took this as an opportunity to give myself that much needed sleeping hours.

In the middle of my sleep, I felt that one of my colleagues was approaching his workstation. It was still quarter to one. It was so unlikely for him to return to his place that early.

When it was time for me to wake up, I noticed that he was followed by one of his friends. It wasn’t my intention to eavesdrop but there was the opportunity.

I felt that my male colleague become pissed off with what happened during their usual lunch break. From the tone of his voice, I was sure that he felt disrespected. Turns out, his friends did something really disrespectful.

Can you guess what happened?

Here’s a clue, the place where they take their lunch is equipped with a very fast wifi connection. Everyone in their group are proud owners of expensive and humongous Samsung phones.

I bet, you can already feel the incident that pissed off my male colleague.

Despite being equipped with all those electronic devices, male colleague still values the importance of having quality time over a great meal.

These devices provide us the best and worst of both worlds. It makes life simpler and convenient. At the same time, these devices have the capacity to ruin relationships and destroy our value system.

I was never against any of these devices. I appreciate them more than the status symbol they provide. The problem arises with the people who were given the devices. You see, I believe that there are no bad inventions and devices. There are just people who fail to distinguish the right place and time to use these devices.

If there’s one thing I have to thank for, I guess it’s the fact that I own a cheap and ugly Android phone. Since I feel ashamed with my phone, I rarely use and bring out my phone whenever I feel a surge of fast wifi connection. I don’t have expensive devices but in a way, I would like to believe that this gives me the advantage of preserving my value system. And as you can see, this is something that those expensive mobile phones can never project.

Sometimes, I adhere to the idea that being deprived ironically means having more….

8 thoughts on “Value System and Status Symbol

  1. OMG You know whats even more annoying, when these people [who have these devices] are always on facebook. I see it all the time in the office. TAPOS WALA NANG GINAWA KUNDI MAG-SELFIE UGHH *so annoyed*

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