He is Michael. He was blessed with the talent, but never had the education to nurture it.

He is Vaughn. He was blessed with the education, but never had the talent to begin with.

If this is Jerry Maguire’s movie, they will complete each other. If this is a fairy tale, they can make the happily ever after.

Vaughn came from a wealthy family of entrepreneurs.  Vaughn was spared from living a life hindered by  limited resources.  Vaughn’s privelge is coupled with the pressure of excelling and placing the family in the pedestal.

Michael came from the typical middle income family, struggling to make both ends meet. He  is the child conditioned by his parents to take them out of poverty.  Achievement for his family means nothing if it does not mean any economic uplift.

Michael and Vaughn’s lives may have been predefined and strongly dictated by their respective families. Despite the differences and hindrances, Michael and Vaughn shared a common vision. They are silently driven by the dream of making things happen for themselves. In particular, both Michael and Vaughn dream of becoming the greatest chef with the support and appreciation of their families.

In the middle of weekday afternoon, Vaughn was attacked by his recurring sentiments of sadness and emptinees. He knew from the start that he will never be happy in the comforts of his family’s business. He knows that he is in the wrong place. He knows the way out. The only thing that  chains him to this misery is his love and respect for the family. He felt obliged to live his predefined life. Evening came and he went out of the office feeling hopeless and useless. In his mind, this was just another depressing day to pass and forget.

At the same time in another place, Michael is facing his dual computer monitor. He’s monitoring stock market figures from his left and on his right, he’s crunching figures and statistics for a report. This is life for Michael. He reads numbers and translates them to words. He should be earning more than enough for himself. However, his aging parents and a younger sister makes life a bit burdening for Michael. Michael felt tired in the shoes of being economically disadvantaged. More than the pressure of becoming a provider, Michael felt empty for living a life he doesn’t own.

Vaughn drove to this quiet coffee shop instead of heading home. He intentionally wanted to escape family dinner. He loves his family. He would do everything to make his parents proud. But at this apoint, he doesn’t want to be reminded that he is living a life that he doesn’t own.

While browsing his email from his mobile phone, Vaughn’s attention was caught by an online ad. A famous culinary school in Manila is offering short courses for the working professionals.  Reminded by his unfulfilled dream, Vaughn clicked the ad to discover the program’s details.

Vaughn always felt underestimated by his parents. He grew up endowed with all the resources. In exchange for this blessing, Vaughn was conditioned by his parents that he wasn’t doing enough.  In effect, Vaughn grew up believing that he never had the talent and will never be good enough for anything.

Michael has intentions of leaving his current job. He will not pursue his dream. He was seeking for job opportunities abroad. He was regularly submitting applications using his personal email, which he can’t access from the workplace.  In the middle of his coffee, he checked his email and found nothing. Before logged out from his account, he caught an interesting online ad. A famous culinary school in Manila is offering short courses for the working professionals. Disappointed over an empty inbox, he clicked the ad to discover the program’s details.

The next morning Vaughn made an impuslive decision. He called the school’s office and enrolled for the program. During the afternoon break, Vaughn told his secretary that he is bound to have lunch with a friend in town. He headed to the school and had himself enrolled for the program.

Michael woke up the next day feeling more depressed and restless. He took the train thinking about the short course that showed up from his email. He alighted to his everyday station with the flock of people. Feeling impatient and irritated, he waited for the staircase to be emptied by the hurrying passengers. When the alley was already empty, his heart took him away from his usual route. He alighted to the opposite train. Surprised of what he did, he decided to give in. He found himself heading to the culinary school. Michael enrolled himself to the program.

The week after Vaugh and Michael were headed to the same route. Both look forward for weeknights of Monday and Wednesday. They started with the classroom lectures. Weeks after, the Vaugh, Michael and their 10 more classmates were led to the actual culinary arts laboratory.

The small class of Vaugh and Michael went quiet and less interactive. Apparently, their other classmates belong to one group. They were group of friends and employees of one company. Michael and Vaughn were left alienated and seriously pursued their unfulfilled dream.

Less than a month before the end of the course, the class instructor announced the final requirement of their short course. The class’ end project is to produce a full course meal.  The class will be divided to teams and each course


Photo from The Daily Post of WordPress

So that was it… it’s an unfinished story which I never had the courage to pursue.

I should have submitted this to a writing prompt organized by the The Daily Post.  I didn’t beat the deadline because I wasn’t able to end my story.

While I always dream of publishing my own book someday, I realized that I may not be fitted to write anything about fiction. As I progress with the story, I realized how uncreative and crappy are my ideas. In the middle of the plot, I felt like I was writing a script for a local soap opera.

Despite of the mess I made, I decided to publish my unfinished work.  I guess this will remind me that I will never be made for fiction writing. Perhaps, I’m Vaughn and Michael morphed to one. I never had the talent and resources to begin with.

Since it’s 12:56 am, I better stick with my role as a teacher in a few more hours. Finish my lecture, wake up early, catch the train and hopefully, I will not end up as a another crappy and useless person.


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