This post was written against my own will. As much as I want to call this as a sponsored post, it wouldn’t qualify because there’s no compensation involved. Haha Truth is, one of my friends requested me to write this.

Before I express my own sentiments, allow me to relate the story behind this post.

My friend G has been “unfriended” in Facebook by a group of colleagues. It started with one colleague. Months after, she noticed that colleague’s entire troop of friends “unfriended” her.

Being “unfriended” or removed from another person’s list of friends may mean nothing for some. Some may think that it’s just a shallow act that we exaggerated and elevated to an issue. Oh well, you have to remember that everyone involved in my friend’s story are bitches females.

When my friend discovered that she was “unfriended.” She searched for the Facebook profiles of colleague’s real troop of friends. She was surprised to discover that she can no longer access their pages. I told my friend that they might have blocked her in their lists as well.

Being “unfriended” or “blocked” from a friend’s list obviously emanates from something. We may not be able to know but at the end of the day, we can only conclude that colleagues wanted her out of their social networking life.

My friend was bothered and she kept asking me questions to explain her story. I told her that for sure, you’ve done something they secretly disliked. It’s also possible that they are not comfortable with your mere online presence.

Between “adding someone as a friend” vs. “unfriending someone” which is more honest and truthful?

In my opinion, we tend to be more honest in the case of “unfriending.”

Whenever we add or get invites to become “friends,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are real “friends.”

On the contrary, when we “unfriend” or remove someone from our list of friends, there’s a high chance that we see them as enemies or simply, people we don’t like to be friends with.

I hope my dear friend gets my point of irony.

In the end my dear friend, you were not really “friends” with them in real life. Hence, when they deleted or “unfriended” you in Facebook, it was never really a loss in the first place.

4 thoughts on “Unfriend

  1. I have been privy to many friends confused by being unfriended. A few times it has been a mutual acquaintance that kept me and dropped them. What do you say? I figure I’m either seen as more congenial or simply more forgettable.

    1. You have a different case πŸ™‚ I understand your sentiments. My friend’s case was silently obvious and deliberate

      Thanks for always dropping by here. I appreciate every visit. I wanted to read your blog more often, if not because of the restricted internet access at the workplace.

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