Weekly Photo Challenge : In the Background

silent wish

This photo was taken two years ago. Two years seem so near but when I recall all the changes that happened in my life, this span of time was never short.

It was coupled with its own unexpected changes.

During this time, I remember having a silent wish. And when I say silent, that wish only thrived within myself. I never confided it with my best friend and even to any of my blogs. It’s only my heart and mind who can betray me then.

Fast forward now, I recall that silent wish. Did the wish come true? It didn’t. Destiny made all means not to fulfill my dream despite my incessant prayers.

The next question would be, does it remain to be the sane silent wish?

It remains the same silent wish I’ve been praying for years. It’s just that this time, my wish shifted to another dimension.

There were changes but my heart still longs for that silent dream.

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