The disadvantage of knowing Customer Service

When I was transferred to another department, my research function took a back seat.  I went to Corporate Planning and my work life took a 360 degrees turn.  There were no definite and routine tasks.  Since the office directly reports to the Office of the President, our activities are dependent to the will of the highest man in the company. If President wants a new project, our office maps out plans and identify means to make it happen. If the President is troubled with a major problem, we act like surgeons to control the damage and patch up troubles. Our existence was defined by our dependency to the highest office of the institution.

Until recently, the President wanted to implement this major project that demands a revolutionary change in the entire organization. My Big Boss was very optimistic but in my mind, I was having doubts about the successful implementation of the project. Having been in the institution for eight years, I’m familiar with the culture, climate and the real termites that silently ruin the institution.

To make this project possible, the Big Boss sent me to various seminars and workshops about Customer Service. Oh well, one of my favorite topics to blog here. In the few seminars I’ve attended I was fortunate to discover the different dimensions of Customer Service.  It was through these learning opportunities that I have seen the real meaning of Customer Service. I particularly learned how Customer Service should be viewed by the top management to the rank and file employees. The most significant among my learning exposure is how companies should properly treat customer complaints.  In a way, I felt fortunate to learn the right approaches in addressing complaints. Come with the gain is the weight of disappointment on how other companies handle customer complaints.

The problem of being equipped with the right information is that you suddenly know what should be done, how it should be done, when should it be done and why should it be done.

In effect, the disappointed customer in me now feels more disappointed whenever I witness a failed customer service experience. I almost wanted to wear my hat as a teacher and lecture the sales personnel and the manager. But of course, the silent person in me will never do that. I still believe that they know better than me and as always, I prefer to blog the experience.


4 thoughts on “The disadvantage of knowing Customer Service

  1. Now you know about customer service, you notice its absence? That is so true for many of us. Once we know what standards are possible, we become ever more aware when they are not met. Over time, of course, this is a good thing – as more and more people expect higher standards, then companies will increasingly deliver them. But in the meantime, we need to able to accept a lot of disappointment.

    Nice post, thank you.

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