Liebster is sweeter the nth time around

I’ve been a lousy blogger here. A number of followers have been leaving nice comments and likes, while I can’t even manage to log in to my WordPress account. Blame it on the workplace’s internet policy that restricted my access to WordPress. 😦 Bad! Haha

Over the weekends, I realized that two fellow bloggers gave me the Liebster Award. Hooray! Actually, this is the 3rd and 4th time I received this award. It appears to be a repetitive thing but each opportunity still provides that blogging happiness. The fact that a fellow blogger remembered my immature space here is already an accomplishment. So to Irene and Muggle in Converse, thank you very much!!!

Winning the Liebster around has its accompanying challenges. One of which is to answer a series of questions. I’m answering both 11 questions posted by Irene and Muggle in Converse.

From Irene

1. Who inspires you?

My family and friends who never failed to believe that I can make things happen.

2. What experience in the past made you stronger?

I cannot brag an extraordinary experience worthy of a script for a movie or an intense drama series. Haha I can say though that my continuous battle with my quarter life crisis can qualify. The fact that I’m still alive and fighting, this proves that I’m getting stronger. Added to here my forever struggle against what the society imposes as beautiful. I blogged about it here.

3. Black or white?

White! Though when wardrobe is considered, I prefer black. I look darker and fatter in a lighter white.

4. Do you believe in love?

Of course. But then, I still continuously challenge its existence.

5. If given the chance to move, where would you like to move (country)?

I always say that I love the Philippines and I can’t imagine leaving my hometown. But since I have to answer this question I have to explain my response.

I’ve visited a number of Asian countries. Hence, my answer here is very biased to my travel adventures. I appreciate Singapore and Taiwan. Singapore demands that fast paced lifestyle. The country however still provides areas very conducive for living. I saw a lot of open spaces suited for residential life. The mass transportation is excellent and government support really benefits the residents.

Taiwan? Yes, even with the current dispute. When I went to Taiwan all I had are positive experiences and very accommodating nationals. Whenever I ask for directions and instructions, all nationals helped me with a smile. They were very kind to lost tourists. I never felt any form of rejection and discrimination. I felt safe and at home. Hopefully, the diplomatic ties between them will be resolved soon.

6. What are your thoughts on music?

It’s writing’s sibling. πŸ™‚ It contains words arising from suppressed emotions that were crafted in one great masterpiece.

7. Do you believe in God and aliens?


8. Why do you blog?

It fulfills my dream to write.

9. Samsung or Apple?

Apple! The two Apple products I own never failed me. I have an iPod nano for six years, still working. My recent addition is an iPad that has been with me for almost two years.

10. What book had made a great impact in your life?

The Little Prince! If only I could pass a law, I require all students to read this book.

11. In your opinion, do you think it is wise to swear off men /dating / intimacy for 750 days?

My answer here would be biased in my current situation. If I were in the shoes of Irene, I would definitely have another set of answer. In my case, men were literally and figuratively elusive on me since birth. So to prevent myself from 750 days, it’s like I slapped my own face and pretended I wasn’t hurt at all. Though I always believe that women should become “whole” before they venture to any relationship. You see, those two broken heart pendants that were joined together? I never bought that idea … literally and figuratively as well. I believe that when two hearts unite, they should be whole and full in the first place.

From Muggle in Converse

1. What book/show do you think everyone should read/watch?

Book – The Little Prince

2. Is there anything you would change about your life? If so, what?

I always hated the way I look. I wouldn’t deny that I belong to the bracket of what the society imposes as “not beautiful.” If I want to change something, that would be such perception. Before, I wished for a lighter skin, pointed nose, perfect hair. As I age though, all I wanted is the heart and wisdom to accept things as they are.

3. What is your favorite food/drink?

Coke!!!! Potato Chips, nachos, and all those junk foods!! Added to it more calories from Paella (which my Mom doesn’t know how to cook) and other seafood inspired dishes.

4. Are you religious?

I used to be very religious.

5. If you could only choose one vacation spot for the rest of your life, where would it be?

Tagaytay! I fell in love with the place the first time I saw it.

6. If you could go into space, would you?

No. I believe that I have so many places to visit in this world alone.

7. If you were reincarnated after you die, would you want to retain your memories of this life?

No. I want to say yes but I believe life would be better if I’m totally give a new slate.

8. Do you consider yourself a writer?

Yes. I claim myself to be one, even if the profession rejects me.

9. Do you believe in ghosts?


10. I love quotes. What is one of your favorites?

β€œThe most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.” The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

11. Do you have any comments about my blog you would like to make?

Thank you for choosing me and reading my shallow posts here.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thank you Irene and Muggle in Converse.


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