Saddest Mother’s Day

I’m writing this post at 1:38 am.  I still have some online tasks to accomplish. I’ve been deprived of internet access over the past week. I’m catching up with emails and sentiments that should have been blogged for the longest time. While I’m trying my best to multitask, my current internet connection doesn’t cooperate. I just don’t know if my struggling netbook is contributing in testing my patience too. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best to write and publish this post in time for Mother’s Day.

I’ve written a number of posts for my Nanay over the past years. This year, I wanted to write another one for her. Problem is, I don’t know what to write anymore. Perhaps, I’m just tired or lazy. I’ve been occupying myself with so much concerns, added to it my recurring quarter life crisis.

While I was doing my weekend jogging, I was trying to figure out what to write for Nanay. After making a few rounds in the running oval, I suddenly felt sad. This is contrary to what most people claim that perspiring is good because it releases the happy hormones or endorphins. After sweating out from a few minutes of running, I realized that this is a rare lonely Mother’s Day.

I’m not a Mom and with my pathetic status, I’m impossible of becoming one. My Nanay is still alive and I’m blessed with elder friends, who have embraced the role of becoming my second mothers. I felt that extraordinary loneliness not for myself but for some people close to my heart.

Two of my greatest friends, Anne and Anna, have unique Mother’s Day stories to tell.

Anne lost her mother months before we finished college. We both graduated with honors. The occasion could have been so perfect if Anne went to the stage with her Mom. But God has other plans. Anne still has her Dad and with the additional members in their family, they have been given new sources of happiness.

Anna’s story was different. To those who have been reading my blog, you might recall a number of posts I made for her. My best friend went ahead to heaven a year ago. I’ve been devastated and silently coping for the longest time.  Anna’s early departure shed so many tears, regrets and devastation. But among everyone who cried for Anna, there’s one person whose sadness can never be drawn to words.  Tita Dading (Anna’s Mom)  is one of the many mothers who are silently grieving on this special day.

I don’t know how to continue and end this post. I’m feeling sad and lost. All I know for sure is that while I’m still blessed to have my Nanay, I can’t help but share with the sentiments of Anne and Tita Dading.

Anne’s Mom is more than happy to see her family continue with their lives. Anna’s sufferings are over and I know, God is taking care of her.

Anne will surely shed a tear and remember her beloved Mom on this special day. Tita Dading have all the reasons to cry. Anna is her only child. Motherhood is forever.  Once it was given, it can never be taken away even by death. Tita Dading may no longer have a daughter to be called as a Mother. But deep in her heart, I know. She will forever remain as the Mother of my bestfriend. We will always be connected because without her, I would not have been blessed to experience a great gift of friendship.

A daughter have been deprived of spending more years with her Mom

A Mom who have been deprived of spending more years with her daughter


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