New Journey Series : Ooops I did it again

Thanks Britney for giving this post its much deserved title.

The past months wasn’t complementing my New Journey series. I made a trip abroad, the recent company outing brought me to Palawan, as always the bills to pay and worst, my earnings from my additional teaching job is over. Since I’m on a teaching break, my earnings are limited to my office work.

For those who just happen to know me, I’m a full time office employee and a part time college instructor. After earning my MBA, I was finally given additional teaching assignment at the workplace. Since I’m only hired on a part time basis, my teaching employment is never tenured. I’m only good when I’m needed. And during summer, only a few students avail of summer classes. Hence, the teaching job is rather given to the full time teachers. This is another reason why I never loved summer. Aside from the agitating weather, my earnings are lessened.  Bad news for me and my family.

Though recently, I received a significant amount of money as part of my back pay.  I was fortunate to be assigned as a thesis adviser to some groups of college kids.  My honorarium was finally released and as always, here comes the good times again.

In a span of four days, I was able to exhaust my most awaited five-digit pay. I have never learned my lesson. Now I’m back to the same old realizations,

Where did my money go?

Why is money designed that way? How come money is very hard to earn and so easy to  lose?

When I tracked my spending, much of money was spent on

1. paying the credit card bills

2. household expenditures

3. a little incentive for Mother and Father

4. a new external disk drive that is becoming a pressing need since my netbook is showing signs of terminal days

5.  my most awaited air cooler for my room – I finally managed to replace my decades old electric fan

6. pants, two blouses and jacket

7. the last few drops that were finally devoted for savings

And just like that …  my entire money is gone

I’m still expecting additional pay for the month of May. My freelance client who has yet to pay after more than a year of rendering my service. I really hope she will be considerate enough to pay me after one year.

Another freelance client should pay me the remaining part of our agree professional fee. Though this is still very uncertain.

Hopefully, the company will convert our sick leave credits next month.

Sigh, I felt so stupid. I’m very successful in ruining everything.

Ooops, I did it again, again and again.

2 thoughts on “New Journey Series : Ooops I did it again

  1. Reading your posts Ate made me decide I will not get any credit cards? Haha! And don’t worry too much about it, maybe next time you’ll be able to control yourself by being reminded by this. Maka-advice e nu? Hihi. 😀 Sarap kasi bumili din e. Yung allowance ko nga sa training napa-encash ko na sya today, then in a span of 2 hours, gone with the wind na yung kalahati. Pera nga naman.

    1. Rhence,

      It’s good to acquire credit cards. In case of emergency, you can actually use it to pay hospital bills, purchase a home appliance that suddenly broke down, etc. You can pay for these emergency expenditures and sometimes, you can pay them in terms at zero interest. The common problem of everyone is when you start to unconsciously consider it as an extension of your purchasing capacity. My advice in case you will own one, leave it home or anywhere you cannot easily access it. And as always, the strict discipline not to give in to temptations.

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