This would not happen if she did her job

If patience equates to my much needed exercise, I would have lost a lot of lines in the weighing scale.  If extending patience means additional money, my malnourished savings account will surely get overweight. All these could happen in a span of a week.

As expected, this is another story that forced my endocrine system to yield more patience-producing-hormones. Allow me to relate everything that happened here.

Warning : A long verbal diarrhea ahead 🙂

For the longest time, my Mother has been nagging me about my Philhealth account. For those who are not familiar, Philhealth is the compulsory health insurance program implemented by the Philippine government. All employees receive deductions from their monthly income to become contributions to this health insurance program.  Since classes are over and I have more spare time, I was able to finally skip work to verify my Philhealth contributions and status.

My current employer happens to be my first.  When I was submitting my employment requirements, Miss HR Officer never asked for requirements for my Philhealth account. While me, I remained as the ignorant employee.

After some years of working, I made the initiative to ask the Miss HR Officer. I reminded her that this is my first job. Hence, I don’t have anything except for my SSS number. I have monthly Philhealth deductions but I never had any idea as to where my deductions go. In the end, she asked me to accomplish a Philhealth registration form and submit the requirements for my qualified dependent. If I remember it right, I submitted a photocopy of my Dad’s birth certificate and senior citizen ID.

After some months, Miss HR Officer never updated me.  The good thing was that my two closest friends shared the same experience. In fact, we submitted the accomplished form and requirements together.  As much as we want to nag and question Miss HR Officer, it didn’t help that she is not the most approachable person at the workplace.  Female intuition further tells me that Miss HR Officer don’t personally like me.  To address this problem, it was my two friends who would alternately follow up. After almost a year of faking that we-are-thankful attitude, she finally released our Philhealth numbers and registration.

I almost thought that my entire Philhealth account was updated.  I was expecting that my parents were submitted as my qualified dependents.  When I verified my information from the Quirino branch of Philhealth, my Member’s Data Record (MDR) file revealed that “I don’t have any qualified dependents.”

I was pissed off.

C’mmon, this is what I will receive after working for almost 10 years.  What happened to the attachments and requirements I submitted?

Someone failed to do her job.

Instead of confronting Miss HR Officer, whom we baptized with a code name “Hard Habit to break”, I decided to handle things on my own. I went to the Philhealth’s satellite office to update my list of dependents.  I almost thought that everything will smoothly sail. Life again gave me another series of unfortunate events.

On my first attempt to have my records updated, I failed. I didn’t know that I was required to bring my own Birth Certificate. I went home frustrated. I don’t have a choice but to comply and skip work again.

I was further dismayed when I returned the next day.  I was cued at 51 while the counter is still serving 19. Whoa! Despite of everything, I never complained. This is not unusual for government services. I patiently waited for my turn. When I was about to be called, an employee announced that they are cutting their operations. Heck! Hell!

The office’s building was apparently suffering from supply of stable electricity.  Their computers cannot be supported by the intermittent electricity. Hence, the suspension of the operations.

As much as I wanted to blame Philhealth, I accepted this unfortunate system of the government offices. Don’t expect much on government services. Lower your expectations to avoid frustrations.

I was furiously walking with the crowd of frustrated clients. But deep inside,  I was blaming another person. You bet,  this is the fault of  “hard habit to break.” If only she did her job.


I skipped work again this morning. I headed to Philhealth’s sattelite office for my third attempt. As I was about to be given another cue number, I relayed my unfortunate situation yesterday. The Office became so understanding because I was directed to another department. My application was processed in less than 10 minutes.  This is the fastest ever government service I’ve ever encountered!  Thanks Philhealth 🙂

Despite their “may-i-redeem-myself” service, I kept thinking that if they can settle everything in 10 minutes, can’t they not implement this forever? Just a thought 🙂


2 thoughts on “This would not happen if she did her job

  1. Hi Diane, if i am not mistaken, PhilHealth went online this year, I think you can update online.. I feel for you that your HR missed this. Our system here is wanting. But it is good that you have updated these things as early as now.

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