Frustrations and Disappointments with Philamlife

Availing of an insurance policy was one of the first investments I made from my own hard-worked money. Less than a year of working, a family friend who is a starting financial agent from Philamlife offered to me an insurance policy. She came so timely because I have plans of acquiring one. At first, it’s my Father whom I wanted to insure. As a naive investor, I failed to realize that my soon-to-retire Father is the least preferred candidate. The premium will be expensive and soon, the policy might retire due to old age. In the end, I was the one who got insured.

My relationship with Philamlife seemed to go well over the past years. I receive my billing statements before the due date, my receipts are sent and my yearly dividends are paid out.  Unfortunately, my trust, respect and loyalty with Philamlife is tested over the past months.

This open letter will explain everything

 March 14, 2013

To Whom It May Concern,

I’m writing this letter to relay my disappointment to the kind of service I’ve been receiving from your company. I have communicated with your customer service officers for the past three weeks. I spoke to three customer service representatives since February 27, 2013 and I never received any definite feedback. Unfortunately, my complaint was never resolved up to this date.

My quarterly due for my policy was last February 28, 2013. A day before my due date, I did my part to call the Customer Service Office. I informed them that my statement of account did not arrive. I was told that the company has no control over the delivery of the billing statements. It’s the Post Office’s main responsibility. As a customer, I believe that such is not a valid reason. The company has to ensure that all receipts and billing statements reach the customers.

Without the billing statement, I paid my quarterly due. I was expecting that a receipt will be delivered in the soonest possible time. Again, as of this date, I never received any notification from the company. I talked to another customer service representative and I was promised to be issued an acceptance of payment letter through email. I was told to wait for 3 to 5 working days. I called last week and as always, I received nothing. An email wouldn’t take more than 3 to 5 days to be delivered and received. How come I still haven’t received anything?

I was also making successive follow ups about check of annual dividends. My policy’s anniversary is every November. For the past years, I receive my check every January.  Months passed and I haven’t received anything again. When I relayed my concern over the three customer service representatives I have spoken, I found no definite answer. All I was asking is was a definite date. Why can’t three customer service representatives give me a concrete answer?

I’m disappointed over the kind of service I’ve been receiving from the company. As much as I want to trust the company, I’m beginning to lose confidence and doubt your capability to serve me. If the time will come that I need to claim my benefits, I’m having second thoughts about your ability to live to your promise of real insurance.

I hope to receive feedback in the soonest possible time.

Very disappointed,



As of date, Philamlife still failed to resolve my complaint. I already received the acknowledgement letter of payment. However, my dividends that has been delayed for months.. I never received clear actions from the company. All customer service representatives simply told me, we will endorse your concern blah blh blah  (Sorry, how futile!)

If there is anyone from you who can help me address my concerns to the right persons from Philamlife, I beg you. Please help me.


I got fed up speaking with different customer service representatives. I tried seeking the assistance of the family friend who served as my servicing agent.  Everyone whom I communicated over the past months appeared as a total failure.

I decided to make a stupid and desperate move. I wrote a letter to the company’s Vice President for Operations. I cannot identify who was the right VP to contact so I sent letters to both VPs, Reynaldo Centeno and Jose Roel Teves.  To expedite the process, I even used the fast expensive courier services.

After a week, an officer from the office of the two VPs called me in our company office. She promised to deliver my cash receipt and dividend the next day.  Everything was delivered two days after through LBC. Oh finally! I have to irritate myself with several customer service officers and spend hundred of pesos for my complaint to be resolved.

The envelope contained an apology letter, receipt (a computer generated version only) and the dividend check amounting to PHP 40O +!!!!!


13 thoughts on “Frustrations and Disappointments with Philamlife

  1. same here . . .worst customer service ever !

    mine was almost like your situation. . .imagine my lapsed just because i am short of about 30 pesos. .

    i’m quarterly like you. . .i complained about the absence of billing notice for almost a year. .

    poor customer service. . .now im beggning to doubt the philam life . . .

    • Almost a year?!? I already updated this post. Why not consider doing my last action? Write a letter to the office of their VPs. You might finally receive the action you’ve been waiting too. Good luck!

      Though I’m still frustrated

    • Hi Genesis,

      I think your policy lapses when you aren’t able to pay premiums but even then you are given 30 days to pay. If not, your policy lapses BUT! you are again given 3 years to reinstate your policy. 🙂 That’s generally how Life Insurance companies handle things, not just Philam Life.

      You may voice your complaint via their Facebook page, they respond promptly to concerns raised there.

      • yeah i think your post was too over the top that actually aggravated the company. it was a minor thing yet it sounds that philam life scammed you bigtime which is NOT. your causing panic. maybe it was your emotion. but your right you must update and change the title of this blog. it was a mere mailing problem. tsk tsk

      • You can never blame me because you were never in my shoes. It may started with the check and letter that never reached me. The problem however is that they failed to immediately resolve what should have been a minor problem. I sought help from everyone, the agent, customer service rep…. No one gave me a definite answer. It happened so many times. How can you not feel frustrated if people have been telling you to call again, again, again and again?!

  2. I have the same horrible experience with their CSD. They provided me incomplete requirements for an application, I travelled and went to their office not knowing I am unable to accomplish anything…. When I wrote to their email to escalate a complaint to a manager, the reply that I got only came from a CSR and did not get escalated at all.

  3. I had that same frustrating poor service from Phil Am life. Imagine from unreflected payments, no billing statements since 2010, unreliable customer service and supervisors.

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