Summer heat

Someone needs to relax and cool down ..

It was holiday here yesterday. While people say that holidays are best experienced on Mondays and Fridays, I still appreciate when they fall in the middle of the week. For some reason, it can break the monotonous schedule and my increasing level of laziness.

I should meet a friend yesterday who is about to get married. She informed me months before that I will be a part of her entourage. I will be one of her bridesmaids. For some females, it can draw that rare excitement. But for me? This is just another awkward moment or let us say, not one of my favorite things to do. I’m a proud member of the female populace. I love what other females love to do. But dressing up and forcing myself to prettify? Not really. For me, prettifying means having a new pair of comfy skinny jeans, button down blouse or any slimming top, flat shoes, a new Longchamp, well rested eyes, perfect self-made office make-up, and manegeable straight hair… that’s it! But to deal with heavy make-up from overused sponges and brushes, sorry not me. And I don’t want to blog my trauma with gay beauticians who ruined my face in those supposedly special ocassions of my life.

Call me shallow, selfish and b*tchy, I also hate those bridesmaid dresses. I hate wearing tube dresses, for heaven’s sake! Months ago, I told my friend of my demands. Since I’m the one who will wear the dress for hours, I requested to have my own design. So I guess, I have the right to demand what would make me feel comfortable. My other friend who got married months ago was so considerate and understanding to follow my amends.  (Thanks Ate Joy.) But this time, I’m up against someone who is equally hard-headed and b#tchy, like me. 

If I will be the bride and I had things my way, I’ll make everything easy. First, I wouldn’t have like three to four bridesmaids. I will stick to the Filipino tradition of having veil, chord, candle and maid of honor. I have a maid of honor so I guess I won’t be needing a bridesmaid. If I could even change everything, I wanted all wedding entourage similar to Prince William and Duchess Kate. One person to assist the bride, period! And as for the dress, I can stick to the plain white dress for the entourage.

Despite the situation that I’m forced to like, I should have been meeting my friend yesterday. I waited for hours for my dear friend. She never answered my text messages to which I felt insulted. I was getting impatient so I decided to call her. Much to my surprise, she doesn’t have clear plans of fetching me in our meeting place. The waiting time and the freelance work opportunity that I decided to let go. God, that hurts! It could have been another set of earnings to make my family happy, good news for my New Journey series and most important of all, another work and learning experience in my portfolio.

I don’t anymore want to detail the succeeding events that prevailed. Although I would like to say that I held on to remain as the dutiful friend.   

All I wanted to say now is that I’m totally pissed off.  I don’t need another rage of anger to intensify this dose of summer heat.


3 thoughts on “Summer heat

    • Hi Addie! I haven’t been in your blog for quite some time. Tamad lang mag blog hop 😉 Anyway, I remember that you landed on my other blog, I’m the same person from blogger who write something about mutual funds 😉 Thanks for your interest and will try to research about the revolving funds

      • Haha…I always jump onto your blogspot from Jenny’s. And don’t worry, I get the blog-hop laziness. I have those days. 🙂

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