Weekly Photo Challenge : A Day in My Life

I wanted to post a lot of pictures here.  However,  I’m constrained by my mobile device while writing this post.

As of date, this is my favorite weekly photo challenge. The topic was just so me! I don’t have to think of something else. It’s myself writing about myself!

I wanted to post a lot of pictures here. I wanted to take snap shots of everything. But as I have mentioned, I have limitations to consider. For one, we are not allowed to take photos inside our trains.  Hence, I’ll limit my post to usual things that made my everyday.


I can live with blue jeans and flat shoes forever.  We have office uniform but during the summer break, we are allowed to work in our comfortable clothes.

book and ipod

I have to travel for more than an hour on the way to work. I take public transportation such as the jeepney and train. I hate it when I have to end up idle and useless during my travel time. Hence, a book and an iPod nano never fail to keep me company.

work 1 resized

Let’s get things going.  Here’s my view for the entire day. Papers and my desktop computer to work with!


My favorite time at the workplace! Haha Snacks to fulfill the cravings of my heavy belly.  A tall glass of coke and my favorite dimsum soaked in soy and chili sauce, heaven!

And when I come home, I’m greeted by them

zeus and doglas

A confession to make, I’m not really an animal lover but I admit that the mere sight of them can take away even an inch of stress from a tiring work day.


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