Ten years from now, remind me to read this post again

I don’t know if you can call my situation as a blessing or curse. I have been privileged or punished to encounter the highest people in our company.

For some who have been reading my blog, you might recall my teaching posts. It may surprise you but this immature blogger is actually teaching. Aside from teaching, yours truly works for an office that directly reports to the Office of the President. In effect, I’m one of the few who experience the rare chance to meet the president. In some instances, I even join vice presidents and department heads to activities outside the office. I have observed how these highest people in the organization interact among themselves. I’ve watched them do their reports and presentation. I know who often gets bullied, reprimanded, praised, and worst, I have an idea who among the heads really value and protect subordinates.

Of the few times, I was tagged along to out-of-town activities I was able to engage with conversations with some of these highest people in the workplace. Most of the time, I appear as the timid, silent and soft-spoken slave. I’m always watchful and careful of my behavior when I’m with them. If I had it my way, I would rather shut up and do my work. You know, less talk less mistakes. But that can never happen. I need to engage or at the very least, respond to their conversations, whether I like it or not. So this is when my problem arises.

I don’t like to be surrounded by people who make me feel belittled and futile. I used to have that kind of superior. God bless her soul but I have forgiven her a long time ago.

In a recent out-of-town event, I felt so punished for spending hours or worthless conversation with this lady boss. Though there were five of us inside the vehicle, I felt so annoyed and silently demeaned during our entire trip. The entire conversations were all about her, her and her. She kept on bragging her achievements, the humongous salary offered to her by a rival company, her prized material possessions and all that blah blah blah! There was never a topic that didn’t place her in the pedestal. Dear God, that was just one of the longest 45 minutes of my life.

On the contrary, there were bosses who served as her direct opposite. Thank God! I guess at this point, I’m blessed and rewarded to have met some of them. These bosses came from wealthy families, have silent awards and achievements and have all the right to brag about themselves. However, they don’t do it during our plain conversations. When I’m with them, we still talk about work but it’s surprisingly not stressing and irritating. They share their past experiences, but they never appeared boastful and offending. They never make me feel so demeaned. If my opinion will be asked, these type of bosses are the best. They don’t need to impose power and superiority to remind everyone that, I’m the boss and I always have to be best in everything.

I guess this is just another post that will remind or teach me that in life, you will not learn everything from school.  This is one lesson that is best depicted by experience. As they say, this would form as one of my battle stories that would make me a stronger, wiser and humble being. Years from now, I think someone should remind me to read this post again. Let’s see what I have to write again. Will I turn out as the monster boss I used to describe and rant about? Will I even become a boss? Am I still a struggling and timid corporate slave? Will I still be blogging? 

I hope this post will be placed in a time capsule that will explode exactly after 10 years.  Let’s see what happens 🙂


One thought on “Ten years from now, remind me to read this post again

  1. whenever i’m with the boss inside and outside of the office, i play safe. i make sure i’m on my best behaviour. trust me, when you become a boss someday, your goal won’t be to make your subordinates happy and satisfied. it’s to get the job done. 🙂

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