New Journey Series – For better and worse

It’s been a while since I made a post under my New Journey Series. As always, this has been my hardest habit to break. I’m only good at starting things. My weakness is the capability to sustain what I even promised to myself. Before I finally regret starting this series, I’m breaking my long silence or better yet, laziness.

When the year started, I downloaded an application that enables me to record and track my expenses.  The application is called Spending. It’s free to all Apple devices. I’m not sure if the app also exists in Android. If I have the chance to check it, I’ll update and revise this post.

The application was of great help. I was able to keep track of where I usually overspend. My initial findings related that I spent a lot on what I categorized as “others.” I think this finding encouraged me to write this previous post. I’m bad. I spent a lot on unnecessary things.

I was doing well in monitoring my expenses not until my petty laziness attacked me. Two months after religiously documenting my daily expenditures, I gradually stopped this helpful practice. Why 0h why? Laziness and I guess I was preoccupied with social networking and recently the shallowest, Candy Crush.

Now that I discovered and documented this, I guess this should serve as a reminder to restore my good old expenditure monitoring habit.

Setting aside my bad habit, I have a better experience to document. This needs to be written to remind me that I’m not the worst in my self-imposed challenge. Before March ended, I was able to add more funds in my Mutual Funds investment. Hooray! If there is one good thing that happens to me now, it’s the additional investment. I’m praying that my money will remain safe and after a few more years, I have more earnings to transfer in my savings account.

I guess this is it for a quick update in my New Journey Series. Hopefully, my next New Journey Series post will be better.

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