How a drama series made me understand a controversial issue

Over the past weeks, I got addicted over this Korean drama series.

I beg my fellow hopeless romantics and drama addicts to watch the series! I know my opinion is so biased but I also encourage the males to watch. Please 🙂 I believe that this forms one of the few drama series that the male populace can appreciate. Before I express my teenage and cheesy hormones here, let me give you a brief background of the series.

Iris’ story evolves on the secret service agency in South Korea called National Security Services (NSS).  The story started when the agency acquired best friends, Kim Hyun-Jun (Lee Byun-Hun) and Jin Sa Woo as their agents. After surpassing their grueling recruitment procedure, the bestfriends have no idea that NSS already shaped their future. Part of their recruitment process is meeting Choi-Seung Hee (Kim Tae Hee).  Both men met Choi-Seung Hee in different planted situations. Unfortunately, both men developed feelings for Choi-Seung Hee. While serving NSS, Hyun-Jun and Sa Woo discovered irregularities in NSS. They eventually discovered that NSS is maneuvered by a threatening organization called Iris. This fueled the development of the story.

Aside from love story angle that awakens my romantic bones, here are more reasons why I love Iris.

1. It features my favorite Korean actress, Kim Tae Hee. She’s my girl crush! While I’m happy to watch her projects, she always makes me feel that God is indeed unfair. Haha

2. I gained another Korean crush. Haha Oh Lee Byun-Hun! Why so handsome?

3. The suspense was superb! The suspense was addicting. If at this point you are still not convinced of my addiction, may I inform you that I didn’t sleep to finish half of its 20 episodes. Watching the series enabled me to make my first ever attempt of becoming awake at 24 hours.  Still not convinced? Fine, here’s a little dirty secret. I didn’t report for work the next day to finish the episodes. I know! Nominate me now for the model employee of the year. To my defense, I have an overflowing vacation leave credits. I was given a memo to consume it before May. Otherwise, my hard-earned leave credits will be forfeited.

4. If you like US based series such as Alias and 24, you will love Iris too.

5. More than fulfilling the Korean fanatic in me, one of the major reasons why I love Iris is because it gave me a picture of the threatening situation between North Korea and South Korea. The drama series relates a piece of history, which enables ordinary citizens to gain a little understanding about the two opposing countries.

As much as I wanted to write more, I won’t provide more details about Iris. Just please, watch Iris and give me feedback too. I may not be fully aware of the history between two countries, but I believe that the story is highly influenced by an unresolved historical issue.

PS All photos used in this post are not owned by the author.


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