Twitter hate?

“Experience is the best teacher. #Teacher’sDay”

On Teacher’s Day, someone posted this to his/her twitter account

Whatever! If you hated teachers in your entire life, then you should have not went to school for that much coveted diploma. You should have enrolled yourself to Home Schooling. On a positive note, the entire populace will be spared from all the filth in your mouth.

“We are in College not in High School. “

Would you consider acting like one first?

I love this institution. But I’m saddened by the blah blah blah it has implemented

I can feel the love in this shameless and highly publicized sentiment that extends to your Facebook account. Thank you for spreading the great news to the universe.

I miss you

I don’t feel it and I don’t miss you. Ktnxbye.

I look so fat and ugly” <with a collage of face photo attached>

You wouldn’t upload that in the first place if you feel like a sh%t in that picture.


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