List 10

I started another lousy week. I’ve been battling a lot of personal issues over the past months to years. Punctuality, drive to work, bills to pay, long pending loan application, worries about aging, self-esteem, insecurity, growing old alone; some of them may just be self-imposed issues, which cause me those unnecessary stress.

In the middle of the week, I was about to declare that I’m again totally pissed off. All I wanted was another weekend to just sleep everything off. However, the heaven was kind enough to uplift my ever drowning spirits. Instead of making a bucket list of all the negativities, let me enumerate the and highlight the good ones


One of my freelance clients thanked me for a successfully accomplishing my mission. I seldom receive some pat from the back these days. This means a lot to me!


Most of my research writing student advisees passed their defense. Technically, all of them passed their defense. However, some groups received a grade that equated to major revision. In like manner that two of them garnered excellent ratings. Hooray! At least I know that I’m not a stupid and useless mentor. I can make things happen for other people.


While I still have freelance clients who left me in the tree of uncertainty, a new client generously rendered his partial professional fee. What’s best about his fee? He gave me some real US dollars! I can use it for my upcoming trip… which I hope would push through despite the humps and bumps I’m experiencing now.


Bulk of teaching load is getting lighter… much to my relief! The semester is about to end so that means having two months of teaching vacay. On the negative end though, that would mean lesser earnings. Sigh


I have another freelance work. Unfortunately, I’m hoping that client will exhibit a little more respect and professionalism 🙂


I’m done with my annual physical health examination. I’m praying all results will tell that I’m still healthy.


Boss is giving me a new project… Hopefully it will be a successful attempt on my part


I was finally able to write about mutual funds. Check my previous post.


My weekend backache is gone. Thank you Lord!


Reached home early to type this post

I guess this finishes my best 10 in the middle of the week. Praying and hoping that there would be more to come until the next days 🙂

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