Is that so?

One presentation down! I have presented the results of a recent study that was commissioned by the Company President to our office. If I will rate myself, I AM SORRY. I FAILED! Hooray! Another warm welcome received from the real world of humanity.

I don’t want to relate the specific details on how I messed up. I was doing fine in the first few slides, except for the obvious trace of nervousness. In the middle of the presentation, I thought I have earned my pace. Everything went well not until a member magnificently claimed a mistake in my research. The great man challenged the accuracy of my findings, which multiplied more godly opinions from everyone. I tried to explain my point but of course, the slave will never be right in front of the gods and goddesses. After yesterday, I felt the need to hibernate and borrow my pet dog’s face over the next days. However, my Boss was behind me so the level of my self-earned personal damage was lessened. Truth is, my boss served as my saving grace. He tried his best to counter attack the opponents, while I remained as a helpless and stupid slave.

So here’s the truth about everything. I stand by the accuracy of my work. However, it’s not in my business to defend myself to everyone. It’s not me. It’s great to win arguments. It gives those rare points to self-esteem. But the thing is, I don’t give an effort to defend myself. I’m right and I know it. I don’t feel the need to prove myself to everyone. But then again, life dictates me to do another thing. I have to stand up for myself because the integrity of other people is also at stake.

As much as I just want to stare away and hold on to my selfish convictions, some battles require me to have my own share.


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