This is a seriously disorganized post. This resulted from my sudden and unexpected desire to blog despite the fact that I don’t have any concrete topic to write about. And I have to mention that I have an upcoming presentation tomorrow. My audience will be comprised of the members of the management committee.  Despite the serious business that awaits me, I still had the courage to waste my time for this post. Again, nominate me now for the Model Employee of Year. Seriously (though I don’t look like one) I’m praying that I will not have to hibernate and temporarily leave work after tomorrow.

This post emerged after my not-so-serious customer service encounters. Allow me to relate each of them.

Bank M – I was about to pay my bills to Bank M on a rare midweek holiday. In the Philippines, this is the best time to attend to your banking services. Midweek means lesser lines in most banks. When it was my turn to transact my business, I noticed this signage on every teller’s station. It says “Reminder to our dear clients : Transact to employees wearing the official company identification card.”  I discretely checked whether all the tellers are wearing their IDs. You bet! No single employee was wearing an ID.

Burger Restaurant Z – I always want additional ketchup for my burger. In the middle of my meal, the waiter took the bottle of ketchup on our table. I was thinking he just wanted to refill the still half-full bottle of ketchup. After a few minutes, I gave up. I called another waiter. He returned by giving me a ketchup bottle without the nozzle. Is he insulting me? I’m willing to forgive him because I have a feeling that he’s tired of entertaining the continuous influx of customers. I wanted to let the incident pass not until I saw something on his hand. He has this huge bleeding wound near this thumb. Cringe! I just prayed that he wasn’t the one who prepared our food. (If you want to know the Burger Restaurant, send me a tweet.)

Student J – Student J went to my office after my last meeting with the class. She was trying to explain why she was absent. According to Student J, her other classmates told her that there were no longer classes on that last week of December. I almost wanted to answer, “Oh, is that so? Your classmates own the authority of declaring the schedule of classes?”

Small Eatery A – This eatery is always jampacked during lunch breaks. The place is where diners literally eat and run. While waiting for our meals to be served, one of the waitresses asked me to move one seat away from my companion. The waitress wanted to accommodate a group of three customers. Despite the fact that I have another companion,  I gave in. Never mind if we don’t eat in one place. The customer who took my seat never said even a single word of gratitude. Worst, I discovered that he has his own packed lunch with him. He never ordered anything to deserve a seat. Worst of the worst, he took advantage of the free water, utensils and condiments of the eatery. You’re the man! (Uttered with complete sarcasm) Do me a favor, please repeat that practice inside the premises of a 5 star hotel, while someone will discretely record and upload the entire scene on You Tube.

Okay, I’m done with my not-so-serious encounters that make it to my not-so-serious post.

Wishing everyone a not-so-serious stressful week 🙂


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