Avoid frustrations, Get rich!

Some months ago, I sought the assistance of a friend who works for a government office. I needed her because I was trying to expedite my loan application. Though to be honest, I never wanted to resort in using any of my friends to my own advantage. However, when three going four of my freelance clients decided to left me in the tree of uncertainty, I went short of funds. I don’t want to take away some money from my hard-earned but diminutive savings account. So I decided to avail of the low-interest salary loan  that comes with the breathable and staggered payment scheme.

When my friend was verifying my eligibility to loan, I was given a degree of  unexpected shock. A significant amount of my monthly contributions do not exist in their system. Though to be honest, this has been a problem that later turned to an accepted reality. The inefficiency of this government agency in posting updated monthly contributions is not new to everyone. Ask the pensioners, they will surely have their own unique stories, which relay same moral lesson.

My friend instructed me to secure alternative documents that will prove the existence of my monthly contributions. I prepared the documents with the help of the responsible colleague. When I submitted everything to my friend, everything ended up as a futile effort. I don’t want to detail the technicalities because yours truly is becoming confused with everything. I don’t know who to blame anymore. Is it the fault of my employer? Is the fault of the government agency? To some extent though, I have this feeling that both parties have their own shortcomings.

I remember some years ago, I faced a similar problem.  I’m also in the process of availing a loan from the said government agency. Unfortunately, a staff told me that my application cannot be processed because of this and that. It’s their inefficiency yet I was the one who bears the cross of suffering. How about that?

Reflections and learnings from my own story

Lower your expectation of service efficiency to avoid making another post like this.

Don’t accept freelance works from colleagues, referral of colleagues and relatives, who have swindling records from other relatives.

Most important of all,  GET RICH!!!


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