Case Study

Some years ago, I almost left my stable and comfortable job. I was considering transferring to another company and I almost made it happen. I thought I was lucky to find a job that shares the same tasks with my current job. What’s best about everything, a prestigious school that caters the upper class segment of the market is about to employ me. To be more precise, it’s in a finishing school for businessmen.

During the interview, the supervisor oriented me to my first task.  I need to write case studies for the students. I later learned that every student enrolled in their programs is required to read and analyze at least 100 case studies. Turns out, the school’s case study archive is becoming scarce. They also need new cases that would address current and relevant issues. I was excited. I almost accepted the new job. Unfortunately, the company didn’t communicate with me again. After telling me that I have what it takes, they never reached me again.

This incident intensified my hunger to write case studies. My current job position unfortunately doesn’t permit me to do so. Years after, this sadness eventually vanished. Not because of the fact that time eventually blurs memories. I found another avenue to write.


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